What are some reasons to NOT move to your country?

What are some reasons to NOT move to your country?

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  1. Romania for me , just don’t. The crimerate here is high even if in statistics it dosen’t say so , you will get shanked and you will get your tires stolen from your car. Most importantly tho , jobs just don’t pay enough.

  2. Hezbollah, no gas, no electricity, no money, shitty president, corrupt government… i could go on and on. Please don’t come to Lebanon if you value basic necessities in life.

  3. High crime rates, low employement rates, ignorant government, ignorant people, ridiculous prices, terrible healthcare, two deadly mosquito transmitted diseases, plus everything else under the sun is trying to kill you.

    Brazil, USA’s goth, rebellious child.

  4. The weather sucks, the cost of living is horrendous, the housing market is fucked, our political system is a joke, and we are being led by absolute fucking morons.

  5. Mines full of these annoying little shits that call themselves humans. Hard as hell to get rid of. I hope the citronella candles I bought will work on them.

  6. Petrol prices. Here in the UK, petrol (gasoline) is around £1.30 per litre. For comparison, gas at $3.42 per US gallon is the equivalent of £0.71 per litre.

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