What are some scary examples of “history is written by the victors”?

What are some scary examples of “history is written by the victors”?

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  1. During WW2, the British firebombed German cities such as Hamburg (Operation Gomorrah) and Dresden with the express purpose of killing civilians. Mass-scale firebombing is especially dangerous for civilians, as it massively depletes the oxygen in a given area, causing many people to choke to death. Operation Gomorrah alone killed 37,000 civilians and injured another 180,000 over just 8 days.

    These fire-bombings were war crimes, but because the UK was on the winning side, no one was ever punished for it and now its never taught or mentioned here. I even remember my grandparents coming back from Cologne and commenting that they were disappointed there wasn’t much of the old town to see, apparently unaware that that’s because the British deliberately levelled the city.

    The Germans definitely do not forget it though. But they didn’t win, so who cares right?

  2. You need only to look at Ukraine. If Russia would win, people living there would forever be taught that brave Russians saved Ukraine from Nazi government and evil NATO influence.

  3. The Treaty of Versailles (or how the War to end all Wars didn’t end no war because of FRANCE and also UK)

    * Italy didn’t get invited, not was given the land they were promised.
    * The Arabs (you know those who fought alongside Lawrence) didn’t got the Independance they were promised.
    * Germany got a way too violent punishment (asked by France) that caused the misery of the 20’s in Germany and brought you know who to the power.

    I’m french, and I wasn’t taught all this in school, I had to search afterwards.

  4. MacArthur covering up the atrocities of Unit 731 so the US could get the results of their chemical and biological experiments on POWs and undesireables.

    Japan wanted it to fade away and so did the US and that is what happened. They were given immunity. No one paid for those crimes in the east. MacArthur forced all in the Pacific to sign NDAs before being released from duty. No one could talk about what happened in the Pacific.

    My mother’s first husband was a POW in the Pacific. When he got back he started saying what happened and the authorities picked him up and took him away and would not tell her anything. They were Catholic and she had to annul the marriage as the one thing they did tell her was he ain’t coming back any time soon.

  5. The Native Americans discovered America not Christopher the Slaver Columbus or even the fucking vikings.

    How come we don’t talk about the massive amount of genocide in the whole conquest of the Americas? Just because a lot of them died of disease still makes it a genocide

  6. Until relatively recently, the mass rape of German women by Soviet soldiers They raped anyone with a vagina, including liberated prisoners, young girls and old women.

  7. The 3rd reich concentration camps and the soviet gulags were comparable in scale and casualties (albeit radically different on an ideological level), but no one was judged for the gulag since the soviets won ww2.

  8. My school’s history shit on the US the entire time and i live in the US. I feel like it gave me a pretty balanced view of history. What have other schools been so oftenly lying about in specific?

  9. everything japan did to china,korea and asian countries during ww2

    usa doing the same thing russia is doing to ukrain but to middle eastern countries but since its usa its good

  10. Did you ever reed an Italian history book? The ww1/2 parts are treats more like a good war for a better country but it was one of the wrost period of Italys history

  11. How Germany was the worst Country In WW2. They were not. The Communist Soviets killed much more innocents by Starvation and purges and The Amount of people Mao Zedong the communist killed is unbelievable if you go search how much it is. He literally killed at least from 50 million innocents to 80 million. And How America dropped the Nuclear bombs on Japan knowing they’re not close to losing. But they just for wanted to win the war fast ignoring the Amount of Innocents they killed. Americans also gave Soviets help that they used to do many of their Atrocities later.

  12. Maybe gonna fet hate for this, but the entire WW2 story. Of course the holocaust and the cruel offense was led by the nazi goverment, but many war crimes against german civilian targets were commited by the allied forces, especially the soviets. Look up mass rapes and the bombing of cities like Dresden, Würzburg and many others.

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