What are some unwritten rules in NYC?

What are some unwritten rules in NYC?

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  1. Walk to the right on the sidewalk and move with a purpose. No one has time for you to suddenly stop in the middle of a busy walkway. You and your friends don’t need to be walking 5 abreast either.

  2. Give up your seat for the pregnant lady

    If one subway car is empty but the others are not that is not the one you should be in

    Do not stop walking on sidewalk, step to the side

    If water just landed on your head and its not raining out you need a shower ASAP

    Do not take that thing someone is handing out for “free”

    Beware the Time Square furries, or better yet beware Time Square

    If it requires a utensil don’t eat it on the damn train

    Dont ride the Central park horse carriages

    Dont eat chain store pizza

    Dont step on those metal basement store doors

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