what are some unwritten rules in reddit that a new redditor should know ?

what are some unwritten rules in reddit that a new redditor should know ?

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  1. Just accept the mob mentality. Often posts get more downvotes/ upvotes purely because they already have some. Also there’s definitely brigades of for instance Chinese or Russians or plug in some controversial group who work to change votes and public opinion on things.

  2. Don’t post something expecting positive responses.

    A few years ago I made a post about getting a GED, all the responses were just shitting on me for being a failure and how bad of an idea it was.

    Another example is some people want someone to tell them what they want to hear, so if you’re that person I’d recommend just going to ranting subs because it’s gross seeing OPs argue with people for giving honest opinions just because it’s not what they expected to hear

  3. If you don’t like the way a subreddit is moderated, don’t expect it to change. So either you’ll want to adjust to the sub or leave it. Most likely there is a dozen similar subs to the one you’re unhappy with, and you’ll find a place you like more.

    While we are on it – don’t announce when you’re leaving a subreddit. Nobody will notice or care.

  4. 1) Like someone else said, do use your emojis. Redditors love them.

    2) People hate Keanu Reeves around here, so try to shit on him whenever the opportunity comes up.

    3) If you don’t support Trump, at least pretend you do. They love Trump on this corner of the internet.

    4) Edit your comments after receiving gold in order to thank everyone.

    5) Are you into NFTs? That’s another talking point redditors usually enjoy. Talk about cryptocurrency and how blockchain tech is revolutionary.

  5. Today’s Reddit polices their new China-influenced “content policy” more aggressively than they have ever before with previous terms of service. Mods and admins both will gladly permanently ban you even if you dare to clearly joke about dark topics that are forbidden per the policy.

    Money is more important to them these days than fostering any semblance of “community”. It’s just a big ad revenue making machine with feckless, narcissistic moderators and leadership who revel in their little fecal smear of power.

  6. You aren’t always typing at whom you expect. Plenty of accounts are sock puppets who may be quietly farming karma to be able to better deploy propaganda and misinformation when the time is right.

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