What are the advantages of being a man?

What are the advantages of being a man?

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  1. Better pay. More promotions. People listen to you in meetings. You don’t have to route seatbelts around your boobs. You can go out for a run anytime and no one will shout aggressively sexual comments at you. Useful sized pockets. Barely any menstruation.

  2. I will always envy men for:
    – not having to sit down while peeing
    – not having to be scared (as much as women) to walk alone at night
    – being treated with respect in most scenarios, and not having to deal with assumptions (like when I want to buy “manly things” like a console or talk about heavier topics I get weird looks or treated like I’m 5 sometimes, if hat makes sense lol)
    – men get all the pockets in the world
    – the wage gap is still very real in some places
    – no periods
    – different opportunities

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