What are the Golden rules of improving Mental Health?

What are the Golden rules of improving Mental Health?

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  1. Self-compassion. Be kind to yourself, and don’t mentally run yourself down for every little real or imagined mistake or shortcoming. All that’s gonna do is make shit worse. Before anything else, you’ve got to be kind to yourself and treat yourself like a human being with human worth and dignity.

  2. If you have a prescription for a medication to support your mental health, you should NOT quit taking that medication or change your dose without first talking to the doctor that prescribed it. The ONLY exception would be in the case of a life-threatening reaction and you can’t reach your practitioner, at which point you should go to the ER or urgent care.

  3. – Diet

    – Exercise

    – Getting sunlight

    – Speaking to people face-to-face

    – Achieving something

    – Sleep

    – Financial stability (whatever that is in your circumstance)

    – Good hygiene

    – Good physical health

    – Staying away from additions (drugs, alcohol, smoking, porn, gambling).

    – Limiting screen time

  4. If possible go out on walks, getting fresh air really helped me during rough stretches and not being able to go for walks because it has been far too cold recently really highlighted that fact

    If you catch yourself beating yourself up, try to say something positive about yourself

  5. I don’t want to exercise, attend therapy, or choke down pills so I’ll be killing myself soon. I recommend this to anyone else who doesn’t want to take these steps. You will continue to live a meaningless existence without the self improvement, so you just might as well hang yourself.

    Half of the world believes in an afterlife anyway; and even if that doesn’t exist, at least you won’t have to wake up, go to work and pay bills. I think. Oh god imagine if you die and you have to do this shit all over again. It’s like being in prison.

  6. Have a proper perspective on things.

    If you have a negative mindset, that will develop into negative attitudes, beliefs, and habits.

    For example, if you believe that everyone is out to get you, you’ll develop social anxiety in no time. Yet this isn’t true for the vast majority of people as most are more concerned about their own lives.

    Or if you believe that there’s absolutely no hope in your life, or you’re going through a bad time and believe that life will always be as bad as that time in your life, you may likely develop depression. However, one can never say for certain what the future holds, and unless you try absolutely everything then there’s always hope for a better tomorrow.

  7. Accountability. You need to be really honest with yourself and take accountability for your actions, your feelings, and your route to getting better. No one is going to do the work for you.

  8. Eating healthy and Working out has definitely been a life saver. You won’t see immediate results in the way you feel, but eventually that will follow. Make it a part of your routine, like when watching something on YouTube or doing chores.

  9. Unfortunately, becoming too aware of one’s own mental health can be a double-edged sword. The more you focus on bettering or even sustaining your mental stability, the more you inadvertently accept that your current state is not optimal. You have to simultaneously be cool and also not be aware about it. Now I’m sounding like a self-help version of 1984

  10. Self neutral talk. Don’t go from “I hate myself” to “I love myself,” that’s an abnormally huge jump that’s not plausible. Go from “I hate myself” to “I am here” try to take some of the negative away. “Man, I’m so shitty” -> “that wasn’t one of my best moments”

  11. Laugh.

    I consider myself a very sensitive person so anything bad happens it will get stuck on my head on repeat … sometimes brain will go through the chain of memories and relive some cringey experiences related , the only thing that has worked for me is to laugh or try to at least to this thoughts

  12. Set yourself a to-do list for the day/or plan the week ahead. Make sure they’re small and achievable though, if you feel particularly low/bad/powerless then make the goals opened ended I.e. say “Cleaning” that could either mean clean the whole house or just a room, decide which fits better to your current mood.

    The feeling you get when you accomplish them, gives you that much needed feeling of progression and control.

  13. I think everyone’s will be different, but one that work a lot of me and I still have to do.

    Don’t be alone when having bad thoughts, go be with people that are good to be around during lows.

    It doesn’t have to be in person, but phone calls, video calls or even texts back and forth. It just help correcting thinking or even a temporary destruction until you can reproach whatever is making you go down mental or the person may even have advice to help you.

    It can be hard to find these people at first, but they are around from therapist to friend to family.

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