What are the most disturbing facts you know about slavery?

What are the most disturbing facts you know about slavery?

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  1. The worst incidents occuring to people kept as slaves are recorded.

    What wasn’t recorded should be a lot worse.
    We have very little idea of what went on in those plantations.

  2. I learned recently that once the slaves were brought off the African continent they could sometimes wait off the African coast for up to 6 months waiting on Portuguese, Dutch, English, and Spanish ships to fill to max capacity before they made their passage to the Americas.

  3. The thing that always sticks in my mind is the people that they made process sugar in the Caribbean. Apparently when the sugarcane slurry would get heated up it would give them incredibly painful 3rd degree burns if it got on their skin, and it would stick to them and be impossible to get off. It was inevitable that the people working near it would get hit with hot-lava-sugar all day long all over whatever skin they had exposed-which was probably a lot because it was the Caribbean. Sounds like a punishment they would give someone in hell.

  4. This applies only to US Slavery

    Obviously working on the plantations was terrible, but the two worst parts in my opinion were the selling off of their children at auctions never to be seen again and the journey across the Atlantic. They were packed tightly into the ships and many died before they made it to the Americas.

  5. Due to the original constitutional amendment on slavery, it’s technically not illegal to enslave prisoners in the US, and many states actually have laws requiring prisoners to work 40-hours per week. They’re usually relieved of benefits and punished by means of solitary confinement if they don’t play ball, things like that.

  6. That it existed in damn near every society, often times people were sold into slavery by members of their own race/ethnicity/community

    Also read a book recently that talked about native Americans buying/kidnapping African slaves from the settlers in America..not to mention enslaving each other after conquering another tribe.

  7. The biggest and strongest slaves were bred to make better slaves. This is one of the main reasons why the NFL, NBA and major leagues have the most genetically gifted athletes in the world.

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