What are the most embarrassing moments you have witnessed ?

What are the most embarrassing moments you have witnessed ?

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  1. Growing up in eastern Europe, my dad got in a drunken bar fight one night, police caught him, and he was “sentenced” to be **mucked** the next day.

    An informal sort of punishment they used, where basically you’re taken to a cow shed, tied up in the corner, 6-8 shovelfuls of manure are shoveled onto you, and you’re left till sundown to think about your actions.

    I remember him hugging me right before he left to serve his four hours on the farm, saying that it was a good lesson for us kids not to do what he did, and he accepts the punishment. I could tell he was really shaken up, which surprised me.

    He looked utterly miserable and embarrassed afterwards, and mom complained about the stench for DAYS.

  2. Some kid proposed to this girl with his mom’s wedding ring.

    ( not joking stole it from her and took it to school)

    she said yes took the ring and then said I want a divorse.

    she said yes took the ring and then said I want a divorce. what happened and called the girl’s mom to get it back. but still really impressed at the kid’s confidence.

  3. In high school, we had some “mean girls” style drama between me and my friends. One of them asked a boy I really liked to prom (knowingly!), and I was really mad at her about it.

    One day we were all at her house, and I snuck around and cut up her prom dress out of spite. Very very stupid, I know.

    I thought I’d gotten away with it, until my dad was waiting for me with crossed arms when I got home from school the next day. I said “I guess this means I’m not going to prom then?” And he said “Oh no, you’re going to prom…but you’re going to wish you hadn’t.”


    He informed me that he’d taken my own prom dress that day, and **hung it up in our pig barn**. Where it would stay for 2 weeks until prom, and which I’d put on right before it was time to go.

    It was…dreadful. No one wanted to be near me and I was made fun of the rest of the school year. Deserved it though.

  4. Seein’ a kid get **Buck Ragged** as a punishment – or rather, smelling the aftermath of it. A sorry sight, but not an altogether uncommon one in high school when I grew up.

    For those who don’t know, it’s a rag that’s been rubbed all over a rutting billy (buck) goat. Goat farmers use it for goat breeding purposes, but some suburban mothers would also buy them for child discipline purposes (making a disobedient child smell it).

    Sure worked wonders though…kids who laughed at spankings or groundings would shape up with the threat of a buck-ragging.

  5. Someone was off mute on a conference call attended by more than 200 other coworkers. She was on her personal cell talking, I would guess, to a doctor about cream for a rash. People were scrambling trying to contact her to tell her but she wasn’t answering her work phone and was on her personal phone. I felt so bad for her.

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