What are the most fucked up subreddits?

What are the most fucked up subreddits?

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  1. Before the purge there was WatchPeopleDie

    It was basically a subreddit where users shared footage of people dying in accidents. Lots of security camera footage of factory accidents or car accidents or things like that. You’d get more horrendous stuff like cartel and ISIS videos from time to time.

    Reddit purged it after one of those big shooting tragedies. I believe it was the Christchurch mosque massacre where that POS live streamed his murder spree online.

    Some news articles cited the subreddit and the admins blacklisted it and a bunch of others after updating their TOS to restrict extremely violent content.

  2. r/WickrFinder seems to be a meetup hub for people trading porn on the wickr app which is an encrypted messaging app. There’s posts with titles such as “M31, teacher – would love to chat with other teachers or pervy parents.”, “Real horny and drunk pervy mom here. Trade! W is [redacted]” and others asking to talk about children. Seems really suspicious that there’s so many people wishing to use an encrypted app to talk about their students and children. I tried reporting it to the admins but apparently it doesn’t sexualize minors or violate any site policy to ask for children in a porn subreddit.

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