What are the nonreligious arguments against abortion?

What are the nonreligious arguments against abortion?

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  1. Do you have a personal moral (not ethical) code? Does that code prevent you from taking a life?

    If yes then the next questions is “when does life begin?” If you believe life begins at conception, then you have established that your personal moral code prevents you from abortion.

    But absent an ethical overlay, this becomes something you personally believe and not necessarily something that society holds as true. That creates a new question. “Should your personal morals be forced on the rest of society, or should you be content to live by your own moral code?”

  2. I feel like most people agree that it’s bad to kill babies, but when does a fetus become one? I don’t know (I studied rocks). Religious or otherwise there should be some boundary beyond which a fetus is considered its own self. If there is one, medically speaking, then beyond that point probably don’t kill.

  3. Another is a legal matter. If someone kills a pregnant woman and the woman wanted the baby, is it a double homicide? If a pregnant woman gets killed who didn’t want her baby, is it still a double homicide?

    Laws may vary by state, not sure, but whatever is true for one should be true for the other.

  4. The only argument I’ve ever found convincing against abortion is that it’s killing a child. And if we are all being honest, it is. A fetus is a human child growing and living inside the mother. And to rip it out, chemically starve it, or however you want to perform the abortion, can be considered and act of killing a child.

    We acknowledge this when a pregnant mother at any stage is murder. It’s considered double homicide (at least where I’m from).

    It is a very touchy subject and pretty much any opinion is going to be unpopular depending on the crowd you’re with. Good on you OP for opening up the discussion. I look forward to the replies.

  5. Is it weird that in an entire decade I have not one single religious argument against abortion?

    Not a single one, I have no idea what the fuck the Bible has to do with not killing a fetus

  6. It would be a major scientific discovery if we found life on other planets yes? And the life they would be expecting to find would be simple unicellular organisms.

    Yet somehow when conception occurs you already have a more complex organism than that within the first 24 hours, isn’t deemed as a human life worth saving.

  7. My dad explained it to me if he murdered a bunch of puppies in a pregnant dog or outside of it you still have a bunch dead puppies and that would be upsetting to anyone. There is a million contraceptives and you just need to find the one that’s right for you. Then he threw a bunch of condoms at me. Also lots of people speaking as the partner of someone adopted rather be alive. I am glad she’s alive as well as am I since I was also the result of teenage pregnancy. Also there is the argument the child is not at fault punish the parents but not the child. In the case of rape or incest I don’t really have an opinion that’s between you and what you think is right. I won’t judge someone but I won’t agree with someone either. I’m pro choice under extenuating circumstances. I am just really anti abortion more than pro life if that makes sense? I don’t like how judgemental it is and I want women to know their are more options but if the worst happens I think it’s ok for them to have the option even though I disagree with it. It’s not my place at that point.

  8. You don’t have to be religious to believe that life begins at conception any more than you have to be religious to believe “thou shalt not kill” is a good moral principle. Cavalierly discarding a life you’ve created because it’s inconvenient is…morally questionable at best.

  9. Scientifically, the fetus has potential for life as an intelligent adult human, separate DNA, just needs a host for 9 months to get started.

    In the scope of one’s life, nine months is a blip on the radar. Let the human live and be adopted. Who knows, they may be the one to find the answers to questions that have plagued mankind since we began to walk upright.

  10. That if there were consistent unrestricted access to adequate birth control methods, abortion would be unnecessary.

    Don’t even tell me that we can’t figure out how to prevent pregnancy 99.99% of the time via pharmaceutical means. That goal is achievable. It’s just not profitable.

    Abortion is just a shitty solution because we haven’t given birth control the adequate research attention and money that it deserves.

  11. Technically speaking, life begins at conception. At least, human life. So, terminating that human life would be murder. However, that is a human life without a heartbeat, and usually is early enough it can’t feel pain. So, morally, is this manslaughter?

    I dunno, but at the end of the day we as a society have decided the mother’s life is more important than the unborn baby’s. Trying to go back and change it is just, frankly, not going to happen. And, so long as it is painless (I think late term abortion is hella wrong) and that baby just looks like a clump of cells, most people are fine with that.

    “My body my choice” is incorrect but so is forcing someone to birth a child they do not want. If someone is too irresponsible to practice safe sex (again this is in argument I don’t fully think this way) they shouldn’t be responsible to care for a child.

  12. There are church rules against abortion, but those are the same churches that treat women as subservient people, and the rules are generally not supported by the books .

    I know of no good arguments against allowing abortion, religious or otherwise

  13. Actually a better question would be “what are the *Religious* arguments against abortion” because the answer is none – the bible doesn’t fucking mention abortion!

    There are two primary non-religious arguments against abortion.

    1. Abortion is murder
    2. Abortion is an abdication of responsibility by the mother / parents.

    I have no problem calling both of these arguments absolute bullshit that don’t even have much of a gray area at all around them.

  14. “Women should be able to do what they want with their bodies” is a non religious argument. Not saying I believe or don’t believe in it cause I’m keeping my opinions to myself

  15. Intelligent life really could only be here on earth. If so it’s morally wrong to not try to extract the maximum potential intelligent life in the universe.

    It’s not great, but it’s all I can think of.

  16. Abortion isn’t really a religious ideology. The people who go to church tend to have higher morale standards towards the value of human life.

    I believe child deserves an opportunity at life. It’s not up to us to determine its value and it’s potential prior to birth.

  17. Fewer poor people to trap in wage slave bondage. This is 100% the real reason. Republicans are evil and don’t really believe in God. They only want to increase the birth rate because people aren’t having kids anymore and it has a negative effect on the corporate powers that are in control of the GOP.

  18. If a fetus is alive enough to consider someone other than the mother destroying it without the mother’s consent to be a sort of murder, then the mother shouldn’t get a free pass.

  19. If the pregnant woman has a boyfriend or husband he should also have atleast some say in abortion and sometimes the woman can have health issues after the abortion and for some will never be able to have a kid again.

  20. I would say after math!
    Abortion is in some cases necessary but in some not. Women should be the only ppl deciding whether they can or can not do it. From what I have learned from my life is that sometimes I get so scared and anxious about certain things that I decide to give up or wait for a better time or the perfect moment , the thing is life never worked how I imaged so I have realised when ever I must make a new decision I would just take a moment to think about how I would feel in the days following . It’s heart breaking to see ppl deciding on something only to see them regretting it later. And after an abortion many women go through deep depression and changes that probably she will be facing alone.

  21. What is defined as life? The first breathe? If a baby who is fully formed and has a heart beat is yet to take its first breathe outside the whom, is it not a baby and therefore it is fine if you abort it?

  22. From a secular progressive point of view, it’s very easy to reject the argument of “this group of people aren’t really people, and do nor deserve rights.” This has been made many times over the course of history, and it has traditionally been rejected by progressives. Famously, one of the more famous taglines for feminism is “the radical notion that women are people.” If you truly embrace this, you should be very uncomfortable with saying some other group you want to deny rights to aren’t people.

    From there, it is easy to conclude that abortion should be banned in many circumstances. Allowing it out of medical necessity is easy to justify, and the violinist argument presents a strong case for allowing it in the case of rape, but the vast majority of abortions are not for those reasons. So, a general ban with narrow exceptions is perfectly justifiable for the same reason a general ban on normal murder is.

  23. My view is abortions should be available for those with health reasons or rape. There are a ton of ways to prevent pregnancy in the first place. I’m also a guy so my opinion holds less weight.

    Also what about if a woman is murdered and is pregnant in the same time frame as an abortion can be done should that be counted as a double homicide?

  24. I’m pro choice but, if we establish that life doesn’t begin at conception and therefore it is okay to abort… what about all the women who mourn the loss of their child regardless of the weeks it had. Are we going to say that its not okay for them to mourn a *life*?

  25. The feminist case against abortion, aka anti-abortion feminism, I would say, is probably the strongest argument against abortion that I’ve heard (even though it’s a reach and I still vehemently disagree). The philosophy behind it is rooted in the idea of human rights for all human beings, and includes fetuses as human beings. The benchmark of their argument is being against the control, domination and destruction of any human being.

    Most people who use this argument use adults (almost always adult women) who survived abortion in an attempt to convince others of the argument that abortion of a fetus goes against the basic human rights of that fetus, even at the expense of the woman who is carrying the pregnancy.

    Is it a stretch? Absolutely. Does it make sense? Barely. But it is the only non-religious argument against abortion that I’ve ever heard. It was the first argument against abortion that I heard where I actually listened to the person and thought about what they were saying, instead of immediately disregarding their opinion.

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