What are the reasons why you or any human should stay alive ?

What are the reasons why you or any human should stay alive ?

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  1. Because when you’re actually about to die it’s very likely you’ll realise you don’t actually want to. From someone who “jokes” about wanting to die a lot, when faced with a situation where it was actually possible I realised how fucking scared of it I actually was and how much I didn’t wanna go. Very much a ‘ah ha!’ moment.

  2. I don’t remember anything before I was born. If God doesn’t exist, then I won’t remember anything after I die. I got one chance to experience things. Why cut that short?

  3. Because there are no benefits of dying. It is completely useless. There apperantly are people out there who will love me, and there is no reason for me not to search for that love

  4. I’d kill to live someones elses life, but I’m satisfied with this for now. I believe in reincarnation and can only imagine the lives which I’ll live in the future.
    And I could get worse. Everybody could. Be happy.

  5. Life is no fucking accident. We’re the universe observing itself. You gotta respect something like that. Be grateful for life, and be grateful to life. Just my opinion.

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