What are we way too unforgiving about?

What are we way too unforgiving about?

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  1. Childhood mistakes. I liked it how it used to be where unless a kid **really** screwed up a juvenile record was expunged once they became an adult. Nowadays, unfortunately, even stupid kid pranks are held against kids even as an adult. I don’t agree with that. Certainly if a child needs to be charged as an adult for things like murder, rape, sex offenses, that’s one thing, but otherwise I wish we’d go back to the way it was that non-violent crimes generally just vanished and that now adult had a fresh start with nothing anyone could hold over them.

  2. Retaliation. I’ve been participating in AITA lately (i know, it can be a pretty toxic sub). It amazes me when I hear stories of someone being wronged in some way, and then doing an even more horrible thing to them in response. Then everyone says NTA because “they deserved it.”

    An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

  3. Opinions we disagree with. We can’t just agree to disagree anymore; we bully and emotionally blackmail people just for their difference of opinions.

  4. People in poverty that steal food, or baby stuff. Armed robbery is one thing, but sometimes they’re stealing food to feed their hungry family and themselves. Those people deserve community service and a sandwich

  5. Celebrities who f*ck up. Granted, it depends on the crime, but people change and grow. I’m generally referring to bad tweets, not the more serious stuff.

  6. Men in the spotlight who beat women but are “skilled” in their careers so they get a pass. See: the various NFL players with domestic abuse/rape claims and Chris Brown. It sickens me

  7. People who give children up for adoption. There seems to be a double standard, where they’re not supposed to react negatively if the adoptive parents don’t want them in the child’s life, but are also the bad guys if they’re not happy if the child reaches out to them later in life. Like they’re not supposed to be real people with their own emotions and agency

  8. Oh we are too unforgiving about everything and too forgiving about everything.

    Stupid fucking shit goes unpunished but past mistakes? You will remember about it until you die

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