What are you just terrible at?

What are you just terrible at?

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  1. Moving my body. I failed swimming classes twice because I can’t dive–I just belly flop, and my dance teacher once told me she believed everyone could dance until she met me.

  2. Wrapping presents. Honestly looks like a 5yr old did it. Even books, DVDs and similarly shaped items that are usually easy to wrap – apparently – I mess up

  3. Paying attention in subjects or activities that I am not interested in. I know many people might feel this way but are good at still paying attention. For me, I’m day dreaming seconds later every time no matter how hard I try.

  4. Telling stories. This thing I wanna tell is so interesting in my head, but I just can’t articulate it to make something someone will enjoy.

  5. Book learning.

    I can rarely retain information by studying/reading unless I’m already super interested in the subject matter. I learn great by doing a thing, but if I were to read about it my mind draws a blank seconds later.

  6. Waiting tables.

    I’m a little envious of people who consider restaurants to always be something they can do no matter where they find themselves.

    I tried once at a small mom & pop restaurant where it should have been the lowest pressure possible to learn. Around the time I thought I was getting the hang of it a little I got word the feedback from tables was that I “seemed nice and polite but was nervous and anxious”.

    Like…that was me *after* I thought I got over it. Even keeping track of four tables in a country diner was nerve wracking for me.

  7. Directions. When trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B in an unfamiliar place, I need a GPS, a printed map, and someone to physically steer me the right way because otherwise I will end up lost. My husband didn’t believe me when I first told him, but one time he sent me some general directions to his office on an Air Force base, and I somehow ended up driving onto the flight line.

    He believes me now.

  8. remembering things that I agreed to do when I was in a social mood but then ten minutes before the event starts realize I made a terrible mistake by agreeing to go

  9. Apparently, I’m shit at expaining myself. I regularly get… i dunno, and, well, it’s annoying because, you know, and I really wish they wouldn’t.

  10. I bought a high-end espresso machine during the pandemic. I suck at properly frothing milk for a latte. I get it right about 25% of the time. Every time I think I figured out what I need to do, it stops working shortly after.

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