What are you strangely good at when drunk?

What are you strangely good at when drunk?

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  1. Cooking.

    Sober, I’m a basic home cook, at best. My food’s not gonna kill ya, but it’s not gonna be anything to get excited about. A few glasses of whiskey before or during? I might as well be a goddamn Iron Chef.

    And that’s coming from other people I’ve cooked for, not just my own booze-dulled tastebuds.

    I think its because when I’m drinking I take more risks, and am more willing to try new ingredients, flavor combinations, or techniques.

  2. Speaking German or English. (Note: neither is my L1. Or my L2.)

    They flow easier when I’m drunk, and acc. to other people my accent then is nowhere as strong.

  3. Oddly enough, most anything that relies on reaction speed. My best guess is that I second guess myself too much when I’m sober, so I wind up waiting too long. If I actively try to counteract that, I jump the gun. When alcohol gets involved, I just stop thinking about it and nail it.

    Literally the only time I’ve managed to beat several textbook examples of incredibly difficult video game bosses (ie. Hollow Knight’s Absolute Radiance, Malenia in Elden Ring) was when I was riding that edge between tipsy and drunk.

  4. Running. I guess not so much anymore but in my early twenties, when I lived in San Diego, I’d get drunk and run for like 12 miles, some by the beach. When I would wake up the next morning I’d be like…. how did I do that?

  5. Not necessarily being drunk, but whenever I go on vacation, I reportedly become a different person. Normally, I’m a reserved person, kind of into my own things, just doing what I need to to stay out of the way and under the radar.

    On a school trip to Oklahoma, I got invited to two weddings, befriended a large portion of the people there, created chaos at a party in a prop warehouse, quite literally carried a monkey (prop) around on an oar. In Chicago, I wound up hot tubbing with a LOT of people anc hanging out with lots of new people.

    Oh. And on the Chicago trip? We stayed at the Hilton, and yed this is relevant so hang on. I was rooming with four guys, all of us which wandered around the hotel at different times. Well my roommate, he talked to this security guard, and the guard said “Big bucks is having a party upstairs.” As it turns out, it was the Hilton family, they had a wedding. Upon learning this, the roommate flew up to us, told us, and we all responded accordingly: Suit up and sneak in. We left our ids in the hotel room. We went in two groups. The first group, which I was apart of, we were there for about 20 minutes, having grand conversations with the actual guests. The organizer didn’t care. Second group snuck in, and it all went down hill from there, as we got kicked out, my other friend, he said one of the partygoers said on our way out,” Nice try boys. Nice try.”

    So yeah, perhaps I should figure out why I become a different person because I have no clue.

  6. Playing pool, I get a certain number of drinks in me and I become unstoppable, but it’s a finely walked type rope, one drink too many and my skills become shite again.

  7. Not me, but my mom said she got black out drunk at a coworker’s party. The next time she worked with said coworker, she complimented her on her french and said how shocking it was she spoke it so well fluently. My mom doesn’t speak french.

  8. I’m not much of a talker, but when I drink, I’ll start to talk a lot. And make a lot of jokes that I normally wouldn’t. In other words, getting drunk makes me normal.

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