What are you tired of seeing in TV shows?

What are you tired of seeing in TV shows?

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  1. The nerd character responding to super common idioms as if they were meant literally.

    *I just won betting on red. Should I let it ride?*

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

    *I don’t see what the distribution of birds in bushes has to do with gambling.*


  2. Survivor/Big Brother/Bachelorette etc., only casting wannabe influencers. You have to have an agent now to get cast on any of these shows.

    Way more interesting when they had a genuine mix of people from different walks of life.

  3. Children.

    Never seen a show made for adults that didn’t go downhill after adding a kid to the story. Even adult-oriented shows that are like that from the get-go don’t typically last long.

    People get mad at me any time I bring it up in real life, but seriously, how many adult-oriented shows that added a baby or kid lasted for more than a season or two after that character was introduced? How many shows with plots about something like someone trying to protect a child lasted for more than a season or two? Because I can’t think of even a single one. Even if exceptions that I’m unaware of exist, it doesn’t matter because they’re still vastly outnumbered by shows that got canned because of it.

    Studios need to leave the kids to shows that are actually made for kids. Even if some people try to claim otherwise, most people clearly don’t want to see them on tv.

  4. Cringe-worthy situations where the protagonist makes a fool out of himself and upsets everyone — by doing something that nobody in their right mind would ever do.

  5. Perfect love scenarios. I wish i could literally bump into a lady at the grocery store and help her pick up her things before she lifts her head up in some slow motion, windy way with George Michael “Careless Whisper” playing in the background.

    It’s usually me dropping my can of salsa in the electronics department at walmart with jimbo and uncle ted laughing their ass off.

  6. Characters that seem to exist only in an attempt to be interesting and rarely grow / are only one-dimensional.

    Lookin at you modern day Spongebob.

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