What are you trying to do differently than your parents?

What are you trying to do differently than your parents?

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  1. As a man, be more empathetic, expressive, and open minded than my elders. Being able to actually express how you feel and communicate properly really goes a long way, especially when it comes to being a parent

  2. If I could I’d be just like them. They were amazing people full of kindness, faith and love and both died of cancer. Mom 2011 breast. Dad 2 years ago, grade iv glioblastoma (brain). Both died early 60s (mom was older than dad, the original cougar I called her, lol). They both came from nothing and made amazing lives. My father was a Command Sergeant Major in the army, and a highly respected business manager and lecturer as well as respiratory therapist.He sang in a Christian music group and both of them accepted death with dignity and grace and never questioned why or cried or acted scared to go. My mom was the best mother in the world. They gave us all a wonderful foundation to start. They did no drugs, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, and they did not allow any racism or intolerance or bigotry. They taught like really Christian’s should. To love everyone. All 3 of us brothers have masters degree minimum and both parents never graduated college. Dad had a certificate in respiratory but he was a brilliant man and strong leader. Also a beautiful singer. If I could say what should I do differently? Hopefully not die ad young. A man came to work where I did the other day and he said he knew my dad. He told me my dad was his hero. 😢 mine too. But my real hero will always be momma. Anyway l, just had to brag: I wanna be just like them: when it’s my time to go; thst peace. Miss you guys

  3. Let my kids try and find out who they are on their own. Let them wear what they want, get the haircuts they want, play the sports they want, befriend who they want. I will help them if I think they need it but I won’t tell them what to do because I think they should like something.

  4. Live freely, not be a lazy toxic asshole and technically I’m in a serious poly relationship they don’t know about for good reason soooo take what you want from that

  5. Spend money. My parents earn quite much but it is pain seeing them how they spend most of the money and don’t try to save or invest them.

  6. Not really now, but if I have kids I want to be more understanding and helpful when it comes to psychological issues and troubles than my parents were.

  7. Do something with my life. I don’t wanna say they threw their lives away but they kinda did. One parents live wasn’t ruined by them, they were born with a club foot unfortunately. But my other parent dropped out in high school and now works at Verizon trying to support 6 people plus 4 animals.

  8. Being in the tech community
    Most of my family are either in the med og teacher fields..
    Kinda putting pressure on myself to do my best so I won’t disappoint then for my choosen major

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