What are your funny stories from the doctor’s office?

What are your funny stories from the doctor’s office?

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  1. Not mine but I remember reading about a woman who went to the gyno.

    She either had to give a urine sample or just had to use the facilities before her check up. There was no tp so she pulled tissues from her purse…having forgotten she’d tossed a handful of loose stamps in her bag earlier.

    Cue the doctor finding a “priority” stamp on her labia.

  2. Showed up at 3. Was not seen by 5. My kid suggests I see what the issue is. They forgot about us. After that we received the best medical care ever. MRI and Cat-scan scheduled for the next business day (in Canada-rare). The doc thought my child had a spinal tumour. Not funny exactly…

  3. I was in a hurry and i just show my dick to the doctor instantly it had some itchy redness and start to talk that i need help she was like:

    bruh 😧 can’t you just tell me what you have instead you storm the place and drop your pants expression on her face

  4. On a British reality show a teenage boy with stomach pain was getting examined by a doctor. She was asking if it was painful to do various things. When she said “wee?” (peeing)? The kid was like “uh no, PlayStation?”

    Don’t know why I was so amused.

  5. My father said when I was born the family doc emerged from the delivery room and immediately asked him, “Hey, Karl, do you still have your old navy dress uniform?” Dad wondered why the hell Dr. Anderson was making with the chit-chat instead of telling him whether he had a son or a daughter. Annoyed, Dad replied, “Yes. Why?” The doc offered with a big grin: “My son is getting commissioned next month and if you’ll put on your old dress blues and attend his Navy ROTC commissioning ceremony, he’d be delighted… and I’ll perform one circumcision for you at no charge. Deal?” It took Dad a moment to grasp what Dr. Anderson had just revealed.

  6. At the dermatologist. Left the exam room (while still waiting for the doctor) to ask for some water. Returned to the wrong room.

    Walked in on a dick. I said “I am SO SORRY” as I turned to leave.

    Dude whose dick was out was like “s’ok.”

    Could not have sounded less concerned.

    I would not have been half as cool if the roles were reversed and he saw a boob or something.

  7. I was telling my mom racist jokes about Chinese people, and while my mom was laughing the doctor walks in and she was Chinese. My mom looks up and says Niihau to her.

  8. One time I had bad diarrhea and I went to the doctors for a checkup. Well the doctor was used the thing to hit my knee and I had to fart so bad and couldn’t hold it any longer, so as soon as he hit my knee I let the most god awful fart out ever and I literally shit on myself.

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