What are your opinions on Australia?

What are your opinions on Australia?

What do you think?


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  1. Love the banter between the nations when it comes to the Ashes and the Rugby. A general feeling of friendship all in all

    I think Jimmy Carr summed one thing up best though

    “Technically, all Australian cuisine is prison food”

  2. As someone who lives there, it’s not bad, access to food of all cultures is a great feature, and our laws and consumer protections are great.

    Too bloody hot here though

  3. WA – best place on earth.
    NT – interesting dinosaur land.
    Everywhere else needs to be carpet bombed. The East Coast is completely fucked and the people are the most arrogant pricks you will ever come across.

  4. The wildlife wants you dead, but most Australian people I’ve met have been especially chill and nice people. I hear some bad things about your politics and that there’s a lot of backwards people, but it doesn’t shake my positive bias of cool Australians.

    Also, they’re very concerned that I know it’s “Melbin” which is funny

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