What are your plans for today?

What are your plans for today?

What do you think?


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  1. Kids up, dressed,fed and off to school.

    Work, 2 meetings in town with prospect clients.

    Supermarket. Cook.

    Kid#1 to karate might be soccer for #2 if weather holds.


    Prepare for a holiday coming up.

    Crash into bed exhausted.

  2. work: going to have that conversation with someone about their shoddy work which has resulted in costly & far-reaching consequences for the company

    personal: 1st date. we have been texting & talking for about 3 & 1/2 weeks. we’ve been trying to meet but first i got covid & then he got covid so we kept pushing the date back. the stars are finally aligned today.
    however i am convinced we are cursed 😁so an asteroid strike or alien invasion happening today is totally plausible LOL

  3. I plan on continuing to learn my company’s large codebase so I can start contributing. After that I’ll get a haircut and hit the gym. Finish the day with a few dabs, food, and YouTube.

  4. Work overtime at the job I just started, not because I need to but because they genuinely need the help moving around the warehouse.

    After that I’m going to eat Buffalo wings to get some much needed protein, then I’m going to clean my kitchen for a visit from my landlord and potential new landlord to see if they want to buy the property.

  5. Basically just waiting for this week to be finally over that I can drive to my parents, who are living in another country, and visit my mother in hospital.

  6. After work I’m finally getting around to putting up curtains in the kitchen, then chilling with my baby while my wife does some work. Godwilling an early night.

  7. Breakfast, hardware store, massage, build throwing ax target, cook dinner for the family, shower, hot tub, and hopefully sexy times before bed. Overall a pretty good rest day.

  8. Cleaning.

    And maybe eat something.

    And do some conceptual art sketches based on some old electronics and cables I found att the thrift store I’m working at.

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