What are your reasons for living?

What are your reasons for living?

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  1. This shit pretty good. Amongst all of the ugliest eldritch horrors that life could be, this ones not so bad. I get to be one of the dominant species. Beauty is a thing. The pleasure of the happenstance of my birth doesnt outweigh the pain, but it does make it worth it

    Things can always get worse. I like where im at.

  2. Life’s to beautiful to not explore. And the pain is what makes it worth it. The Beaty you feel will turn to suffering but you can’t experience suffering without pleasure first.

  3. The chances of me getting a job working at Lucasfilm are very, very low, but not zero. I might as well invest in the lottery, but we all need something to keep us going

  4. There’s a handful of people that would be depressed if I died. My suicide might set off a chain reaction of other suicides, and I don’t want to be responsible for that. Even if I was dead.

  5. My dog can’t drive herself to the dog park or to get her hair and nails done. I exist to function as her chauffeur, concierge and personal assistant.

  6. I enjoy the emotive creations of others, and I’m interested in the future – how things unfold and what happens next, et cetera and so forth. I’m currently disabled, so, laboriously or creatively, I don’t bring anything to the table; so there’s not much of a future to anticipate. Still, I’m intrigued by everything humanity has done, and I’d like to try to stick around as long as possible to see what else humanity achieves.

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