What are your thoughts on Albania?

What are your thoughts on Albania?

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  1. Considering I’m ethnically Albanian, pretty high I suppose. I love my homeland but I don’t love its politicians. Visit every so often though. I also have relatives in North Macedonia

  2. I have some experience of Tirana –
    I went there for a long weekend a few weeks ago.

    Tirana was really nice in the centre, especially around Block (Blloku). A nice city, surrounded by mountains.

    I really can’t fault anything. I totally get it that I only saw one part and things will be totally different in the other 99.9% of the country, but what I saw was really nice.

    There were some lockdown restrictions, so next time it may be even better.

    Definitiely recommended.

  3. Small, beautifull country with a lot of real and friendly people and great nature.

    Beautifull woman.

    Ran by maffia politicians and great place to buy weapons for illegal activities.

  4. I’ve studied Albania for 25 years and find it fascinating. I wish more people have heard of Enver Hoxha, as he was one of the weirdest and craziest dictators who ever lived. During the Cold War, he basically made Albania the same kind of thing the Kim Family has made North Korea today.

  5. Never been there personally, it’s in the Balkans, right? I remember hearing about the war on the news in the 90s, although I was a kid so I’m not really sure what was going on. I hope you got through it ok, OP.

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