What are your thoughts on calling off from work due to mental health not being the best?

What are your thoughts on calling off from work due to mental health not being the best?

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  1. My mom never let me call off school for even strep throat or pink eye so I have no idea what’s normal and what’s not normal to call off for. 😭 But tbh, I think that’s okay if you need it and there’s no shame in caring for yourself.

  2. I did it all the time. If I feel it coming on, I’ll make sure to take care of my responsibilities the day before calling in, so I don’t disrupt company’s client obligations. My mental health is #1, if I don’t feel up for it, I ain’t coming in. PERIOD.

  3. If you have a decent employer you just call in sick, you don’t give a specific reason, as long as you don’t go over 5 days per year or whatever the limit is you are fine.

    If you have a shitty employer they will demand a doctor’s note, and where I live doctors will write up a fairly generic sick note for just about anything but they charge an additional fee for the note, and having to go to the doctors and pay money is so much hassle and downside it doesn’t feel worth it.

  4. I took, god don’t really know how many months off due to mental condition, the first day human resources called me and ask me why I was needing to take “sick days” (we don’t call it like that here) and i straight up told the lady “cause i tried to kill myself” she just said “ok” and hung up. After a week that i went back to work they fired me. All the people I know that have take a mental license have been fired later.
    I think it’s really needed, more nowadays, but i tried to kick that kind of license, rather pass it as a medical like a physical pain or something like that.

  5. You shouldn’t have to explain why you’re taking your earned time off at all. I’ve called out sick for pneumonia, for a cold, for an anxiety attack, for being hungover- each time saying “I’m under the weather, I’ll be back as soon as I can”. The pneumonia was of course the most serious physically, but mental health can lay you out in a totally different way, take good care of it.

  6. All for it as long as it isn’t a habitual thing where you’re calling off 3-4 times a month because of it.

    If you have sick days then using them for whatever reason is entirely up to you and your employer has no right to question why you’re using them.

  7. I’m not sure how it works where you’re at, but when I suffered a loss a few years back, I went to my family Dr. for help. She told me I needed time to grieve, and she wrote me a note saying I was taking 2 weeks off. My employer legally couldn’t question it, and was obligated to give me the time off. Maybe you could do the same?

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