What are your thoughts on cheese ?

What are your thoughts on cheese ?

What do you think?

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  1. On cheese
    – Crowe_crow

    Cheese stands tall,

    Facing forward against the gale.

    Contemplation of its existence Falls

    Into disarray.

    Hampered by constraints,

    Soon to be placed with butter on asphalt.




    How long must I endure?

    Follow away to the glitter,

    Night gives way to the new day.

    At last

    At last

    Stand. Swiss.

  2. I fucking love cheese. Cream cheese, cheese slices, shredded cheese, whole blocks of cheese, those tiny individual cheese rolls, I’ll consume it all. I stopped dating a woman once when I learned she was lactose intolerant because I will *not* live my life cooking without cheese. I hope one day to be reincarnated as a cow or a goat so I can provide the world with more cheese.

  3. People are always amazed but I don’t love cheese. Oh sure I’ll eat a little melted on some pizza or a cheeseburger but I would never grab a big old hunk and start eating it. I know it’s unpopular that’s just the way I am. 😂

  4. Used to hate blue cheese, now I love it.
    Used to enjoy parm, now i can’t stand it.
    Put chedder on an omelet? I’ll expel my guts.
    Put chedder on mash or Chilli? Godlike.
    Extra cheese pizza? I’ll die but not in the good way.
    Those little babybel mf? I’ll die but in the good way

  5. It’s hard to get rid of and hate having to pull the foreskin back just to slowly remove chunk by chunk and the smell is a bit off putting

  6. When I was a kid, I thought it was a freaky, bizarre food and would not touch it. Now I love it and have at times just eaten some cheese sticks for dinner, but I don’t like anything pungent or stinky.

  7. Gouda is good yea,
    But cheddar is better.
    White is all right,
    While swiss is a miss.
    Goat taste like scrote,
    And blue is just eew.
    But the best cheese by far,
    That you can get at any bar,
    The one that comes on a cock’n’ball,
    Smegma, Dick Cheese, is the on that beats them all.

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