What are your thoughts on humans?

What are your thoughts on humans?

What do you think?

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  1. We mostly are terrible as we’re figuring our identity, values and sense of style (among other things). Some of us, however, have a way of bringing delight into others lives by doing the smallest of things, and this is what I think makes the human experience worth it at times.

  2. We are the problem. Most of the problems in our world today are man-made. On top of that, we treat each other like shit and are pretty selfish. Of course, I’m generalizing here. There are some genuinely good humans out there and we are capable of helping each other, but more often than not, we all just don’t care for each other at all. There may be a chance for us to evolve, but that would take people actually… you know, having empathy. We just aren’t there yet.

  3. I love us.

    We have evolved into something the earth has never seen before, by curiosity, creativity and compassion.

    *It seems that someone asked the great anthropologist, Margaret Mead, “What is the first sign you look for to tell of an ancient civilization?” The interviewer had in mind a tool or article of clothing. Ms. Mead surprised him by answering, “a healed femur (thigh bone)”.*

    *When someone breaks a femur, they can’t survive to hunt, fish or escape enemies unless they have help from someone else. Thus, a healed femur indicates that someone else helped that person, rather than abandoning them and saving only themselves.*

    Call me a hippie all you want. Us hippies are why we’re still here.

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