What are your thoughts on legalization of psychedelic substances?

What are your thoughts on legalization of psychedelic substances?

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  1. Legalize everything. If someone is a recreational user, IDGAF. If someone has an addiction, jail/prison isn’t going to help them; give that taxpayer money to a service to help them recover.

  2. I don’t use them but I personally believe all drugs should be legalized. That way, people know exactly what is in their drugs/ what dose they are given. Money made from this legalization should be used for harm reduction strategies such as clean needle programs, safe use sites, and programs that help those who want to stop using drugs.

  3. The purple frog sitting on the flying kangaroo having lunch with me in Budapest doesn’t think it’s such a good idea, but I think he just had to much chardonnay.

  4. Mushrooms have the least negative impact on people as far as altering substances go. It honestly pisses me off that my mom looks down on me for doing “drugs” when she forced me to take Adderall at a young age and drinks alcohol every night .-.

  5. I’m all for it. this doesn’t mean everyone should do it (not even once). some people shouldn’t do certain drugs or any drugs at all; they wouldn’t benefit from it

  6. Mushrooms should absolutely be legalized, if not for recreational use, than for their ability to help people work through serious psychological problems. There have been studies showing that those using psilocybin had significantly reduced symptoms after use. This is just a tiny, infinitesimal fraction of the literature out there.




  7. Make them available, and educate people about them. They have a bad reputation for no good reason. So many advances in medication waiting to be unlocked. They’ve already helped lots of people with depression and anxiety.

  8. Go for it. Psychedelics have tons of potential, but that potential is negated if you have no idea what the fuck is on that tab but you gotta hope for the best.

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