What are your thoughts on the phrase “Billionaires shouldn’t exist”?

What are your thoughts on the phrase “Billionaires shouldn’t exist”?

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  1. Unrealistic. There are definitely massive wealth inequalities and social unfairness… but, you can’t have a free society with upward mobility and think no one will ever get to the top.

    How about: “people being homeless and hungry shouldn’t exist “… that gets more to the root of the real problem.

  2. I feel like its illogical. If you invent some world changing technology, I have absolutely no problem with them making as much money as possible off of it.

  3. Better version: “poverty shouldn’t exist”. I’m fine with billionaires, trillionaires, people flying around in private space yachts, whatever… just so long as there aren’t hundreds of millions of people struggling to get food and potable water, etc.

    Billionaires didn’t exist in AD 900 but I imagine most people would agree life in general, for the vast majority of the people on the planet, is insanely better now than it was back then. Rather than a generalized (and pointless) hate for ‘the rich’ a little more nuance would be more productive in most cases.

  4. It makes perfect sense to me, once you hit the multi-millions there is no real need to continue to build up wealth in today’s society, it would be better if wealth beyond that point could be redistributed or otherwise used to help society

  5. Too general. Billionaires who actually give a shit about humanity and progressing society as a whole should totally exist, but unfortunately they don’t

  6. If they are offering a product that people are willing to buy. I don’t see why we should tell them they can’t make more money.

    It seems like making billionaires non-existent would just needlessly limit our growth. As people wouldn’t expand their businesses or innovate once they hit the cap

  7. I like the statement….it immediately and unequivocally lets me have a glimpse into the economic acumen of the person saying it.

    Invariably, the people who say such things don’t know the difference between wealth and income.

  8. They really shouldn’t. I can barely think of a few things in which billionaires have played a positive role. But that is not nearly enough to defeat all of the shit and damage they actively cause.

  9. It’s true. Billionaires are evidence that your economy is broken. One person doesn’t need the spending power of millions of other people, and they don’t work millions of times as hard.

    If our economy was fair, there would still be those with more and those with less, but this is just fucking crazy.

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