What are your thoughts on the Satanic Church actually fighting for women’s right and equality?

What are your thoughts on the Satanic Church actually fighting for women’s right and equality?

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  1. Love it. I’m a Christian, I go to church every Sunday. But here in America, churches and religious groups too often cross the line of seperating state and religion, and the Church of Satan points it out. Those who hate it usually preach freedom of religion, but want their church to impose its views on others through the government.

  2. I love Satanic groups. You know, lots of them don’t actually worship Satan, they only say they do as a satire of Christianity.

    They see the reslashionship between Satan and God as like Goldstein and Big Brother. One is a ruler who demands we do what he says, lest we face is iron fist, and they other is someone who just wants us to be free and happy, yet we all somehow believe that he is the bad guy.

  3. Awhile ago, I did some reading on the Satanic Temple. Afterwards I thought to myself “am I a satanist?”. Now I was pretty involved in my local church so I was really having some conflicting feelings. Fast forward 4 years and I’ve since left organized religion and I am now 100% behind what the satanic temple stands for.

  4. I heard that they donate money to some Cristian and Catholic churches, and the churches take it. There’s a podcast called “last podcast on the left” and I believe that their satanists. Podcast is entertaining too.

  5. Unsurprising. Little sects of satanists do shit like this all the time. I’m pretty sure 99% of Satanists are just edgy Atheists. Has definitely been true for every one I’ve met.

    It used to be fun when it was counter-culture and the “mainstream” was still fairly religious, but now it’s just cringey imo. Maybe I’m just getting old.

  6. I’ve told my son since he was old enough to understand that in every group you’ll find your crazies and your bullies. I also work hard to explain to him that just because a person has different beliefs than us doesn’t mean they are a bad person.

    I think this is a prime example of the latter. We’re Christian, but obviously this group who believes so differently that we do still shares many of the same values and is capable of doing great things. I think that is a great way of showing that despite the differences between groups, we all still have many of the same goals.

  7. You mean, what am I feeling about the satanic church beeing the moral high ground in a world where Religious people are real life vilain?

    I feel like the biggest plot hole in the worst movie has nothing against the entropy of real world.

  8. Ok, that’s great, but I’m less weirded out by orders Franciscan nuns than Satanic whatever as I envision some douche who looks like Gallagher in a black robe welcoming me to some Satanic temple of ‘equality’.

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