What are your ways of calming down when you are feeling too overwhelmed?

What are your ways of calming down when you are feeling too overwhelmed?

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  1. Honestly, just taking a minute to breath and get a grasp of the situation always helps. Involve facts and not your emotions. Emotions can make things worse.

  2. I used to drink and smoke weed. I tried counseling and prescription medication.
    Now I pray and read the Book of Mormon. Sex is helpful before bedtime as well.

  3. I usually call my mom. I’m a 32 year old dude and I have no problem admitting that when I feel like I’m deep in the suck that the one person who can consistently bring me back to earth is my mom. She’s the ultimate hype man.

  4. I just try to control my mind, I breathe and say to myself “I do not have have to deal with this right now”. I close my eyes and think of these emotions or thoughts that overwhelm me as balloons that are around me. And I let them go and watch them drift away from me to an open field. Sometimes it comes back, then I acknowledge it and let it go again.

  5. Right now I’ve been laying down and listening to ASMR. Tingting and Rang are my go to creators. It’s takes on average about 30 minutes and then I’m feeling better.

  6. Feeling overwhelmed probably means you have too much going on. Try to think about what can wait for later and put that aside.

    Then don’t try to do it all (and fail), just try to do 5-10 minutes of one thing. You’ll find it’s easier to get started if you make it bite-sized.

    And write things down. Otherwise you will keep juggling it in your heads so you don’t forget, and that’ll make you stress more.

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