What artist did you stop supporting immediately after finding out about something they did?

What artist did you stop supporting immediately after finding out about something they did?

What do you think?


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  1. Once I find out that an actor/musician is a Scientologist I find it really hard to see anything but that. Top Gun used to be one of my favorite movies but now I can’t see Maverick as anything other than a wacko jumping on Oprah’s couch.

  2. I didn’t know anything about Kanye during the ‘gold-digger’ days, but as an Aussie that despises show-ponies, Kanye can ggf’d. Every interview he’s in there sucking his own dick. He represents (to me) the popularisation of people talking themselves up in that fashion which has massively taken off since, like, to the point where society has shifted completely. Whatever happpened to being humble?


    he’s the founder and embassador of hip-hop (and i mean hip-hop, peace love unity, having fun, not gangsta rap or drill) and was a jesus like figure. In 2016 he got exposed as a pedophile. I think that’s when my glory days ended and i became confused. We believed in the hip-hop culture so strongly. Into krs one, bam et

    Krs literally came up with a whole philosophy, and preached that stuff in universities, lectures books and bambaataa was always in the middle these teachings, praised as the founder and a prophet. If you read/listen to that stuff after 2016 you would either laugh or cry. It became meaningless because he is a pedo. We believed in the teachings of krs strongly. Now it’s all meaningless. Or the meaning is “WTF”

    Either way it’s disturbing that Bam raped over 100 little boys.

    I give you an example, torch the person who first rapper in german had these lyrics

    “dies geht an die
    Die sich für uns opfern wie Mahatma Ghandi
    Mutter Theresa, Thomas Sankara
    Kurt Tucholsky oder Afrika Bambataa
    So ein Mensch müsste eigentlich unser Held sein
    Doch seh’ ich sein Gesicht nicht auf unsern Geldschein'”

    Meaning he names bambaata in the same breath as mother theresa and ghandi and says their faces should be on the deutschmark bill. if he only would have known

  4. Eric Clapton. I can’t listen to his music at all anymore. I didn’t listen to much before, but Traffic was good. Since he’s gone full nutso on the antivax/covid is a myth thing, I just can’t abide him anymore.

    Willful stupidity should *hurt*.

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