What band/artist do you hate that everyone loves?

What band/artist do you hate that everyone loves?

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  1. Morrissey. I get the appeal, from what I’ve heard he’s a bad person but that has nothing to do with it I just dislike his vocal style and when I hear artists trying to imitate it I know the music isn’t for me.

  2. Harry Styles.

    Was at summer camp that was meant to help with mental health and stuff, and we weren’t allowed to say “high” when they played watermelon sugar, because bad drug connotations I guess.

    Now whenever I hear that song I cringe at the thought of the one counselor who loved watermelon sugar. I will admit though I am a big fan of harry’s house (the album)

  3. 100 gecs

    I just.. dont get it and hate their music. even tried watching them live at a music festival recently to see if it was a better experience, and it was definitely worse. most of my friends love them and I just cant get into it

  4. Imagine Dragons. They put me to sleep. I have not heard 1 good song by them. They are all just different versions of a lullaby that’s not pleasing.

  5. Kanye, I just don’t like his music and I’ve given it multiple listens but it’s just not for me. I’m not sure if everyone loves him but everyone I’m around does

  6. Literally all of mainstream artsits today. However, I have never been a fan of Beyonce or Lady Gaga. I used to like Taylor Swift but after a while she got annoying.

  7. Roger waters

    Love the band, hate the guy. Roger waters works great when he’s with talented people, but when he bosses those talented people around and has full control the music sucks.


    sorry but there’s NOTHING special about her. I refuse to listen to her music and the fact that she won a brit award makes me mad lol

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