What behaviour you consider toxic but most people don’t?

What behaviour you consider toxic but most people don’t?

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  1. People who brag about how little they sleep are dumb.

    Taking care of your body, to include getting an appropriate amount of rest, is cool.

    I work in disaster response and there’s always a conversation with the new guy/girl who wants to solve the entire problem in one day. That’s not how it works. I need you to be able to function in three weeks’ time. That can’t happen if you burn yourself out in the next 48 hours.

  2. Constantly policing people for medium-tier or even low-tier offensive language.

    There are front-page subreddits that will automatically delete any comment that includes the word “crazy” because it is a “problematic ableist slur.”

  3. Talking to your friends about your personal stuff in your relationship instead of speaking with your partner, always great with a little extra opinions but sometimes people say too much.

  4. Asking personal questions without consent. Like “when will you have kids?” I mean, at least preface it with “you may not answer if you don’t want to”

  5. Playing devil’s advocate

    People have convinced themselves they’re participating in some sort of intellectual exercise when they pick apart every argument that comes their way even when they agree with the sentiment—but if you’re doing that in a public space and not just providing notes in private to help strengthen an ally’s argument, you’re effectively just arguing for the other side. Those upvotes you receive are people that agree with the devil. Nobody knows your intentions but you.

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