What book did you read in school that you actually liked?

What book did you read in school that you actually liked?

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  1. The one with piggy!! I forgot the name, but you know the one…. Oh! LORD OF THE FLIES!

    Also, the one in a futuristic setting, I can’t remember the name but we read it senior year, they had to the birth control or something and one day this girl got pregnant, idr please help me! (:

  2. You mean from a required reading list of the class or just in general? ’cause I am reading every day since I’ve learned to read, there’s literally thousands of books I loved! Back when I was a kid I used to mostly read science fiction, but I think the books that left the largest impression were Stephen King’s works. No particular one, I’ve read most of his bibliography as it was then. All of it was just so good. Many a nightmare induced, but still. So good. Also, classic Russian sci-fi is impressive. I don’t remember particular titles or authors anymore, but it was great.

    From the required reading, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Faust” was something that truly impressed me at the time. I’ve read that in Lithuanian, so I can’t recommend a particular translation.

  3. oh wait you mean academically inclined? Yeah for me that would be “Empire of the Sun.”

    Reading that book, in class, and then watching the movie was the closest I got to understanding what my grandfather went through.

    He was in a Japanese prison camp during the war. One of the Dutch survivors.

  4. Alas, Babylon

    I still think about that book a lot. I remember having discussions about where nukes would likely be sent. It’s still pretty damn relevant today unfortunately

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