What book would you recommend to someone who thinks books are boring? Why?

What book would you recommend to someone who thinks books are boring? Why?

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  1. If you like fantasy and dry comedy you could check out any of the Terry Pratchett *Discworld* books, or for something similar but sci-fi there’s *Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.*

  2. Shadow and bone got me out of a 6yr slump of no reading. As a kid I loved Harry Potter, Eragon, and Neil Gaiman, so it was right up my alley and easy to fly through all 3 books.

  3. Any book that has a movie that you enjoy. You don’t have to use your imagination. You already know what the characters look like, how they talk. It’s a much simpler way.

  4. For me it was books based off the halo video games. Never really like books or could get into them but I loved playing halo as a kid and found that they had books about characters in the games. That was the start for me, finished all they had at the time and wanted for so started looking for other interesting stories and kept reading from there.
    (all time favorite series: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan)

  5. Ready Player One.

    It’s the closest a book can feel to playing a video game (imo). Plus the vocabulary isnt that complex, and it’s just an overall entertaining book, especially coming from someone who isn’t a massive fan of novels. If you’ve seen the movie that was based off it (it’s got Ty Sheridan and Ben Mendelsohn), read the book, it’s way better.

  6. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. There’s such good word play and imagery that’s so succinct. It takes less than a few hours, you can play off the movie (cartoon) imagery, there’s great symbolism and it covers so much of the time’s issues and questions. Idk I always will say this book is the best starter book because it’s both dreadful and hilarious.

  7. It truly depends on the person and what they’re interested in. A graphic novel might be a great place to start for some people but an awful thing for other people. I’d want to know what they’re keen on before giving any recommendations.

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