What brand are you super loyal to, and why do you like it so much?

What brand are you super loyal to, and why do you like it so much?

What do you think?


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  1. Land O’ Lakes butter. My grandfather was a dairy farmer and sold his milk to them. It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, a few molecules of my grandfather’s milk is still in each stick I buy.

  2. Viva Paper Towels

    I’ve never loved anyone or anything more than the texture of Viva Paper Towels. They mop it up. They sop it up. They’re everything I have in my life.

  3. Diamond Crystal kosher salt.
    It’s by far the best.
    They roll the salt crystals when they’re moist so they become fragile. You can grind them in your fingers to control the salt application so much better than Mortons.

  4. Asus, in particular for their video cards and lesser extent overclocking focused motherboards.

    Because I have put 3 generations through absolute hell for 4 years straight with on the limit overclockes and custom unlocked bios, pushing them to sometimes 40% over their rated power draw.

    And none have died.

    The ones I have pulled out are still living on in semi retirement In friends systems.

  5. Tabasco. It’s so smooth and balanced and there is no knock off that comes close to replicating their flavor unlike other hot sauces. They actually care about their ingredients, process, and heritage too.

  6. Toyota. I was in a wreck that I should not have walked away from. After I was released from the hospital I went to the tow yard to collect my stuff. The car had essentially rolled into a metal ball and the only part that was recognizable was the passenger compartment. All I had was some cuts on my hand from climbing out the window. It was a 1998 Toyota Corolla.

  7. Toyota/Lexus.
    After owning American cars that sometimes literally fell apart in my hands, I dont care about anything other than reliability. When I get in my car, I don’t want to wonder if it’ll get me from A to B or strand me in the middle of nowhere. Their comfort level is a nice added bonus.

  8. Apple. Because they’ve never let me down. Their products are perfect (for me, and how I use them), and the handful of times I have needed their help team, everyone I spoke to was above and beyond helpful.

    I’ll wait for the downvotes.

  9. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

    I’ve had good experiences with their products and the new products (Ryzen 5000) are compatible with my old board (ASUS Prime X370 Pro).

    Q: “Why not Intel?”
    A: Last gens sockets are nothing like this gens sockets, so you’d have to replace your motherboard to use a newer CPU

  10. Arc’Teryx. Superb quality. Extremely good in all weather conditions. Great customer service and warranty should any issues arise. Expensive, for sure, but you’ll probably never own a better coat.

  11. Logitech- Their stuff has always been decent quality for their price and I have had a ton of amazing customer support experiences. I once dropped a full cup of coffee on my keyboard. I had no clue how long ago I had bought it, but it had been well over a year. Maybe two. I messaged them and they just mailed me a new one for free. I have had a single button on my 12 button mouse come loose and they mailed me a new one.

    And 10% Happier. A meditation App.

    I started meditating a year ago and read the book 10% happier. Decided to try their app since it mentioned that they offered discounts for those in need. I sent them an Email and got a full year for free. Later on, I sent them an email saying thank you and how much that meant to me and they gave me a second year for free. That was like 200$ or more. I was blown away.

  12. Microsoft. Been using their products since 1993 professionally. As far as tech companies go, I think they are pretty good.

    Jeep and Subaru. Haven’t bought anything else in 15yrs now. I think they are good for the cost.

  13. Might sound lame AF but the target brand Good and Gather is really solid. We buy their ground coffee and my kids love their organic snack bars. Like I’ve blind taste tested their coffee (only because my husband buys it and makes it) and it’s always awesome. And they also make kickass trail mix blends. So I know whatever I get is good.
    No I don’t work for Target haha.

    But also I love Carters for my kids clothes. They are cute, not super expensive and usually reliably sized.

    I saw other people saying Vans and I also love Vans! Have several pairs and they are stylish as hell!!

  14. Bogen PA equipement. I maintain our PA system at work and I always buy and use Bogen equipment.

    We have had other people here decide to put in their own equipment. They always buy the cheapest crap and I wind up having to replace it with Bogen.

    This is about a 300,000 SF facility. We have 3 250 watt amps and 2 125 watt amps to cover the place.

    Bogen rarely lets me down.

  15. Have a few.

    Fjallraven for the outdoor gear, expensive but always fits me, everything is really practical with lots of features and pockets.

    Anker for mobile phone accessories, great batteries, cables, docks, chargers.

    Apple for the ecosystem, yes I use a PC also but I work on a Mac and as a part of my job being coding/media creation I am just more comfortable, I like that everything just works, no fucking around.

    Bose for the decent headphones/earphones (shared listening is the bomb) and that warranty service is second only to John Lewis.

    Oh yeah and Makita for the tools, not always the best and definitely not the cheapest but, some tools are the best you can get and those I use the most, only other brand I would use would be DeWalt but that’s even more expensive where I live.

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