What can a kid tell his parents to stop them from making loud noises while having sex when the kid is sleeping ?

What can a kid tell his parents to stop them from making loud noises while having sex when the kid is sleeping ?

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  1. You need to get some headphones and appreciate living in a happy, healthy household.

    In all seriousness, be happy for your parents and try to be like them when you’re older.

  2. “There’s been a spooky ghost wailing at night. I mean REALLY wailing, could the house be haunted? I don’t want to sleep in a haunted house”

  3. Make the sounds around your smaller friends and cousins and when the adults ask where you learnt these thing you just say “mom and dad make these sounds every night and they interrupt me when I’m tryna sleep”

  4. tell them the movie they were watching was too loud and kept you up, even if they have no tv in their room.

    healthy relationships are a blessing sure, but no one wants to hear their parents gettin freaky. its embarrassing for both parties.

    btw, my mom heard me and my bf doing it once. her solution was to come into my room the next day, and rock my bed back and forth so that i could hear the banging and metal scraping. it was, indeed, hella loud. no words exchanged. i just nodded, she nodded, and that was that.

  5. One time I was sleeping on our couch and woke up to those traumatizing moans. Tried to ignore it and put the pillow over my head but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Had to start banging on the couch so they’d know I was awake.

  6. A lifetime ago when I was a kid I didn’t understand that at night time if I had the light on in my room you could see inside my room if the curtains were open. So my father got me to stand outside and he turned on the light in the room and walked around it and then turned the light off and walked around it and I actually understood why I needed to close the curtains at night.

    So for you, your dad or mum whichever you get along better with. Ask them to sit on your bed then walk into their room and just jam out as if you were singing karaoke or heavy metal, don’t be obvious just make noise. Then politely point them to soundproofing options. Like maybe hanging a soundproof sheet on both sides of the wall.

    A demonstration works better than a conversation sometimes and you can’t use your room making noise into theirs it wont register they’ll just think your room has poor soundproofing.

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