What can you get for free in your country?

What can you get for free in your country?

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  1. Healthcare. And yes, we pay taxes like everyone else but at least we just pay taxes which isn’t much depends on your income and whatever happens, you’re covered 🙂

  2. I’m poor so:

    * two free bags of groceries a month from a food bank near us.

    * free turkey for Thanksgiving

    * freed donated clothes sometimes.

    * free lunch at school

    My dad gets a debit card that he can use to buy groceries.

  3. A free room, 3 meals a day, free healthcare, free education, a library and a gym. You just have to go to jail for it but jails in Belgium are just hotels without a bar and swimming pool.

  4. nothing, everything has a price.

    Before anyone says Healthcare, its not free you pay for it with Taxes or if you do not work or not old enough to pay taxesm other people pay for it with taxes so nothing is free other than air!

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