What can you not understand the popularity of?

What can you not understand the popularity of?

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  1. Toddlers and Tiaras. Why is there a bikini competition? Why are we forcing kids to participate in these terrible pageants just for the entertainment of adult viewers?

  2. Running as a leisure activity. I always hear that guy from Back to the Future III… “Run for fun, what kind of fun is that!?” I like biking, taking long walks or hikes, swimming. But running is awful!

  3. Maybe it’s just where I live, but rocks and crystals (quartz, amethyst) to be considered as medicine/make you feel good.

    They’re fucking rocks and people pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for them. I can understand the cosmetic appeal, but people always try to convince me they give them special powers or some shit.

    Edit: to be clear, I do think crystals are cool. I just don’t think they should be sold as medicine.

  4. Sharknado, and similar over-the-top ridiculous movies. I get it, they’re mimicking those terrible low-budget disaster/horror movies we are “so bad it’s funny”. But those movies were funny because they were supposed to be taken seriously and failed spectacularly. It’s not the same when a movie is intentionally stupid.

  5. Star Wars.

    It’s such a generic science fiction setting. There are so many other sci fi and fantasy worlds that are more interesting and original and have NOT been milked to the bone by a massive crass commercial machine.

  6. Professional team sports fandom. Its like there’s some flaw in people’s brains that makes them think Big Sports corporation activities are somehow tied to their own self esteem.

    I hate that the local TV news spends more time on sports reporting than actual news. That should be pushed off into its own show.

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