What caused the ‘Glass Shattering’ moment that made you realise something about yourself and what did you do after it?

What caused the ‘Glass Shattering’ moment that made you realise something about yourself and what did you do after it?

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  1. I think this fits. I was very into the church and very much a good Christian kid. In a geography or something class in 8th grade a girl said, “I’m so glad I was born into a family with the right religion” when we were studying India. That just struck me as incredibly stupid.

    So I have spent the rest of my life learning about and even practicing different religions to some extent. And 99% of them all boil down to “don’t be a dick.”

  2. So clinically I have Major Depressive Disorder, diagnosed around 13. My depression spouts can sometime last me for more than a year plus and it’s absolutely agonizing trying to pull myself out of it. As an adult it effected my vices, my grades in college, my relationships and what felt like everything else in my life. The world was numb to me and i felt like I had no choice but to be the NPC the world needed to just sit there and exist for no reason. So fast fowards to 2020. My god mother took her life at 4 am new years day. Absolutely earth shattering and unbelievable. The menial work that I took for granted and the stupid school I just so happened to go to all stopped by the time her celebration of life came around. There was, however, one thing that happened in-between my god mother taking her life and the memorial that came after. I had a mushrooms trip.

    My 2 best friends and I went to Laguna Beach in California on a Wednesday evening and just went wild on some funky fungis. That whole night plays in memory on repeat, the visuals, the warm air, the unconditional love I felt for MYSELF. I woke up the next morning just… different. I felt love for me and I haven’t felt that before. I went home and cried for my god mother because I felt what she was feeling. I cried cause I didn’t realize how close I was to doing the same. Ever since that night I have changed almost everything about my outlook on life cause I realized I was worth something and there is a life worth living for. I still deal with depression but now I go outside and thank God for this world I live for. I love the grass, I love that I gained a little weight, I’m making music and I live life on life’s terms. Taking it day by day and cherishing the sweet air I never knew exsisted.

  3. I’m diagnosed with clinical depression. I’m suicidal. Nothing, no medication or therapy, has stopped me from being suicidal. I tried to kms 6 times. Then my best friend offed himself. It was so sudden and out of the blue. I thought (and still think) it was my fault. It’s been 4 years and I can’t get over it. I realized when you off yourself you’re not ending your pain. You’re passing it to those closest to you. And I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. I haven’t tried to kms since then cuz I’m the pain and suffering the people I care about will go through and I can’t let that happen.

  4. Tried to KMS and saw my usually very stoic father hysterically crying. This hit so hard. I’m not allowing myself harmful thoughts now even at my lowest points. It doesn’t matter that I don’t love myself other people do and I care about them.

  5. Being told that my “shyness”, inability to maintain friendships/overthinking simple social interactions, and other “quirky” behaviours were in fact social anxiety and that I’ve been experiencing this since I’ve been a young child but everyone just chalking it up to me being shy or quiet or socially awkward 🙃. I’m now actively working on trying to overcome my anxieties though

  6. My teacher in high school told me I didn’t love myself. I think after I was finally able to get braces at 17 it upped my self confidence and I was able to finally mold myself into the extroverted, people loving person I am today. Love yourself first, people!

  7. At 38, very close to 39, I realized I was trans. It took me a few months after starting therapy and a year of crossdressing to realize this. My egg shattered the morning after getting a bra fitting at Torrid. I put on my new clothes that morning, and it just all hit me.

    What did I do? I embraced it. After a life time of being miserable I finally figured out why and made a change. Currently, I am waiting on my referral for HRT, I have a new name, and a new outlook on life!

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