What caused the most physical pain that you’ve felt?

What caused the most physical pain that you’ve felt?

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  1. I cracked a tooth basically in half one time- took a couple of hours to get to the dentist. Wasn’t too bad at first… but toward the end I didn’t even know what side of my mouth the tooth had cracked on. My brain was just constantly sending pain messages. When I got to the dentist, he took one look and said “I’m sorry” with a level of sympathy I’ve rarely heard.

    When I first saw the movie Castaway, the scene where he removes the tooth made me flinch. Now I get it. I can also see why someone with chronic pain would choose euthanasia. It was that bad. Another hour or two, I would have shot someone or myself to make the pain go away.

  2. Lower right wisdom tooth broke & triggered pain responses from *several* nerves in my jaw/face which radiated pain into my whole head, my neck, down my back, & well into my arm. I couldn’t do anything except cry & occasionally beg whoever was closest to me to put me out of my misery.

  3. When my mother’s pedo boyfriend broke my arm multiple times, then promised me he would kill everyone I loved if I ever told. I never did. This happened over a nine month period. When everything came to light, they found five spiral fractures in my right arm in varying stages of healing. I was 4 years old.

  4. Was riding on my bike and a guy hit me from the back, sending me flying and falling on a pile of garden garbage, in which where several cactus and palm leaves.

    My entire body got covered in long spines and tiny prickly hairs which took hours to take out and some hard points of the palm leaves went through my hands and arm.

  5. I don’t clearly remember the pain, but when I was 5 or 6 years old, i tried hanging on the top rod of a swing by climbing up on a slide, when i hung, a boy of maybe 10yo knocked down the slide (it was a plastic one which was not attached to the ground) as ran past it and in panick i let go of the rod and fell down, i tore the right side of my mouth and got 4-5 stitched. I couldn’t go to school for a week or two

  6. Gallbladder attack. The first came when a doctor I was referred to cancelled my appointment for unknown reasons; I was actually holding the referral when my family doctor told me that wasn’t the case. Family said it looked like my heart had broken, but the pain was coming from the other side of my chest.

    The second came after my boss died of a massive heart attack.

  7. Got my nose cauterized. They stick a hot stick inside your nose and what felt like a shanking my nostril with a hot needle for, it felt like an hour. Realistically it only took a second.

  8. Skin infection on my foot , ended up on intravenous antibiotics for a week and taking oxycontin for a week , next on the list would be a infected wisdom tooth .

  9. A stomach bug I had gave me tremendous back pain whenever my body was getting ready to puke. So I had to sit there with my back in pain just waiting for it to come up.

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