What causes you the most anxiety?

What causes you the most anxiety?

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  1. any scenario where I’m waiting my turn to speak. not like I’m just waiting for someone to finish speaking then talk, but where say you’re going around clockwise introducing yourselves, or giving speeches. Something about waiting and the anticipation gets me, then again I hate public speaking so that might have to do with it too

  2. When people give me a condescending gaze, it’s more anger than anxiety but the mixture of those two isn’t exactly a pleasant feeling.

  3. Watching someone struggle doing something the wrong or objectivly worse way, but not wanting to be rude and correcting them or taking over.

  4. Work pressures. Enough is never good enough. You can hit all your numbers and be top of every KPI, ranking, etc., but at the end of the day they still ask for more.

  5. meetings.

    i need like an hour to get in the headspace to talk to 10+ people at once and then another hour to cooldown and get back into my own headspace again.

    i can do 1:1 phone calls and 2-3 people meetings. but when you ask me a pointed question, directly at me, in front of a bunch of people, and then cut me off when i’m quarter through my answer. it’s the one time ever i actually think about hurting people. i’m a really patient person. but fuck.

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