What celebrities death broke you the most?

What celebrities death broke you the most?

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  1. Chester Bennington. Got me through some of the toughest yrs when I was a teenager and even now at 32 yrs old, I just listen and cry at times. RIP Chester

  2. Chadwick Boseman. I don’t usually feel upset about celebrity deaths, but I really felt that one. It was shocking to me. It seemed like he had so, so much ahead of him.

  3. Steve Irwin. My kids 7 and 9 were the prime “Crocodile Hunter” demographic. Plus it was a show I could actually watch with them. It was on constantly at my house.

    Real tears were shed the day he died.

  4. Trevor Strnad from the band The Black Dahlia Murder.

    2 years ago my SO got me a Cameo from him because my mental health wasnt great, and Trevor expressed the same but that I could accomplish great things, not to give up and mentionned he was also struggling lately.

    In October last year I had tickets to their show and wanted to give him a cross stitch to thank him but that show was canceled due to sanitary measures (but Michael Bubble had a show not caned on Montreal with a whole Stadium full of people but a metal show with tops a few hundreds of people wasnt ok….).

    He killed humself a few months ago. When I found out I cried so hard, my SO was concerned but when I told him (he is also a metalhead/knew how much the band meant to me) he just understood. He knew it was a big loss.

    Never got to thank him or give him the gift I had spent hours and poured so much love and appreciation into.

    I can’t bring myself to frame the cross stitch or do anything with it. It’s sitting in a box and probably will for a while. It’s one of my fave bands and I can’t bring myself to listen to them either lately or else I cry and just wish someone was there for him like he was to his fans.

    This guy sent so many positive messages out there on his Cameo trying to cheer up people and make them feel better. It feels so upsetting to know what kind of mental state he must’ve been in, been there, done that….

    And that Cameo kept me from doing just that, many times when I was close in my lowest times. I feel almost guilty in a sense.

    Edit: Im going to add the following… he was such a boss in the metal community. He often promoted smaller bands he just really liked and used his platform for the best. Also a nerd, loved Castlevania.

  5. Cameron Boyce. I know a lot of people around my age probably say that but he died on the same day that my grandmother died but 2 years later and was around the same age as my brother. I don’t follow pop culture that much but I loved Disney Channel growing up just like everyone else and so seeing this kid that I basically grew up with just die while I was also mourning my grandmother was a bit unsettling

  6. Chester Bennington. Out of all the artists and musicians that I listen to, I related most to his music. His lyrics and style spoke to me the most. So, when he died, that was a punch to the gut.

  7. Probably Joe Strummer and David Bowie because I would never hear from them again. They were still putting out albums. They still wanted to put out albums. I wonder what collaborations we would have gotten if they were still alive.

  8. Tom Petty. While I can’t remember what took him from us, I remember it was hard on me. I’m not usually one to care about celebrity news either.

  9. Technoblade or Alex, he made me happy when i was sad, i adopted his sarcastic sense of humor as my own and it really helped me think things through in life. he gave me so much more enjoyment out of a game because i really wanted to be like him in a way and be as smart as him, hes always been someone ive wanted to meet and just talk to because hes just a genuine and funny guy who has a lot of witts. so screw cancer. I hope someday people like him dont have to vanish from such an awful illness. Thank you to his family for raising my rolemodel and hero.

  10. The passing of Alex Trebek hit me harder than expected. He only ever had kind words to say to people. Jeopardy was one of the small happy spots of my childhood that helped me survive.

  11. Taylor Hawkins. I was sad when Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and Tom Petty passed but Hawkins’ passing was heartbreaking to me because he was the first of my favorite musicians to pass.

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