What changes will you make if you had a chance to Redesign human body?

What changes will you make if you had a chance to Redesign human body?

What do you think?


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  1. I would make it so a woman can choose when she wants her body to get pregnant. So, the woman has some “off” setting when she and her partner want just sex and then “on” when she wants a baby. It would work 100% of the time and a guy cannot force a women to flip the switch.

    This would result in women not having to experience risky birth control methods, their side effects, less abortions, no kids conceived from rape, less abandoned children, and so on.

  2. Could probably tune the whole thing to adapt a little better to a lifestyle of eating like crap all the time, drinking tons of booze, and never exercising while still being the pinnacle of health.

  3. Try and upgrade our fight/flight/freeze system so we can stop being such anxious puddles

    Would also be cool is uterus-bearers could just pause or switch off the menstrual cycle without ill effects

    Ahhh you know what would be even better than that? If we had a stats button or like a body scan button and could see what we need! That would be the best.

  4. A Tapetum Lucidum, for better night sight.

    A secondary filter for the lymph system to screen immune system enabled viruses

    A more intelligent hormonal regulation for fight or flight mechanisms to handle modern crisis falsehoods and enable people to live more calmer and rational lives without disturbance from uncontrollable chemical, mental, and emotional perturbations.

  5. Joints that can over extend with out braking.
    Double joints so you can effectively use your appendages in both directions.
    Muscle between your veritable. So you have a much more flexible back and spine.
    Eyes that can see more of the spectrum.
    Limbs that can regrow.
    Being able to breath underwater.

    Could really get carried away with this. But these are some things that would be good .

  6. Just read all the comments and now my comment to improve the look of feet (especially mine) seems even unsexier and irrelevant…just like most feet (unless it’s you’re thing)

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