What cheap thing can you buy to improve your quality of life?

What cheap thing can you buy to improve your quality of life?

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  1. At work, I brought my own mouse instead of using the cheap Dell default mouse. Having more buttons to macro useful keystrokes such as ctrl-c and ctrl-v probably saved my left arm from chronic carpal tunnel syndrome.

  2. If you’re very hairy, a drain cover for the shower. I used to spend a lot of money on draino and shower snakes but having something to catch the hair before it clogs it was the best purchase.

  3. Depends on what you mean by cheap, but a decent $40 showerhead replacement or $30 air purifier for my room have done me wonders.

    If we want cheaper, I’d say the $4.99 dryer balls that eliminate the need for dryer sheets.

  4. An hygrometer (humidity-meter) or any kind of indoor device that tell the temperature and humidity

    In winter and spring, i often had dry eyes and a sore throat. I thought it was allergies or something and that for my eyes, it was just normal for wearing contact lenses. Then i moved to new appartment in the same area and it just got worse. For the first time i thought “Well, maybe the air is just too dry”. I first bought a super cheap hygrometer and thought it was broken since the hand looked stuck on zero. Then i bought a digital indoor device that tell both humidity and temperature for like 20$ and in showed that it was at 20% humidity. It should normally be between 40% and 60%, so it was indeed super dry.

    Then, i bought a small 50$ tabletop humidifier and started monitoring humidity. I move it around between my office and my bedroom at home and now have way less problem with my eyes and throat.

  5. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Please, please, please take care of your teeth. You don’t realize how hard it is to chew while missing teeth or how painful it is to eat when there is something wrong with most of your teeth until it is too late.

  6. portable hard drive to use for work because they give me BS storage space and the laptops are utter garbage.

    essential oil diffuser. Just working in a nice-smelling environment makes work more tolerable. My fave blend is lavender and orange oil.

    drill brush set to make cleaning a breeze. Legit cuts the vile bathroom shower cleaning time to half

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