What commonly liked food do you find disgusting?

What commonly liked food do you find disgusting?

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  1. Lobster. I don’t see the appeal of eating a giant, intact bug that stares at you as you tear it apart, let alone paying a premium for the experience.

  2. Nutella, it’s so cloying

    Goat cheese, this one actually makes me mad and I keep trying it every few years because I am the opposite of picky with every other food but goat cheese is so gross

  3. Tomatoes… the triple texture gradient of the skin, marrow stuff, and the jelly-like juices really disgust me. Cut any one of those three out and I’m completely fine with the other two/the taste.

  4. Cheese. There was this boy in high-school who had a crush on me and one day he was bragging to me about his gauged ears and he took one out to show me even though I didn’t want to see it and you could smell all the bacteria and decaying flesh on it and it smelled like a block of cheese. I’m a super smeller and extremely sensitive to most smells and was instantly nauseated.

    The only way I can eat cheese now is if it’s melted because the smell dulls a bit or finely shredded on heavily seasoned tacos so I don’t smell it. I can’t eat it on a burger because the beef doesn’t have enough seasoning to mask the smell and you can put all the toppings on Earth on it and i would still smell it on a burger. I will absolutely never let a chunk of fresh cheese anywhere near my mouth because I will vomit.

    Everyone makes fun of me for being so picky about cheese as an adult.

    Also butter. I’ve only known one other person in my life that loathed butter as much as I do and it was my Grandpa. I find it so disgusting and the smell is revolting to me. Once when my younger sister was 3 she ate an entire tub of butter that she had gotten ahold of after she snuck out of our nap. I was 7 when that happened and I still have nightmares about it. When she was angry she would break into the fridge and chase me around with a stick of butter because she knew I hated it and it would make me feel sick. As an adult I’ll cook with it but when people see me cook with it I always get laughs because I can’t help but make a disgusted face and I freak out when it touches me.

    I always get picked on about the butter too.

    Another one is ranch dressing. The look is disgusting and I hate the bland flavor, I also can’t stomach the smell of this one. My now husband took me on a picnic while we were dating and peer pressured me into trying ranch and I gagged at the smell and had to run to the trashcan after tasting it to spit it out and gargle with water. I will never understand why people like that.

    Last one I can think if is mayo or miracle whip. Omg…. the loud smells from those. I can smell those things from across the house with candles going. So gross.

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