What companies can go fuck themselves?

What companies can go fuck themselves?

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  1. All telecom providers with their only abilityis to screw things up,

    All streaming services with the inability to cooperate,

    Big tech with all their tracking,

    Apple, cause they don’t fix devices as they should,

    Big pharma for their price gouging,

    Oil cause they fucked up global climate,

  2. All cell phone companies. Like 3 companies have the market cornered, so they can, and all do, give their customers horrible customer service because there’s no legitimate alternative or room for competition in the market.

  3. The company I work for and for many reasons. I’m not saying their name because it is a major security company in the US. They tell us that we’re privileged to work from home, and then close the center that we worked in to save money on rent and utilities.

  4. Serial sexual predator QB was suspended for eleven games. Coincidentally, this gets him back on the field just in time to face his old team in primetime.

    The NFL can go fuck itself.

  5. * All ISPs – Nothing really needs to be said
    * Chevy (not just the dealers but the company itself)
    * Walmart – screwing vendors, local cities, and small businesses all with one check out line open
    * Google
    * Apple

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