What conspiracy do you think might actually be true?

What conspiracy do you think might actually be true?

What do you think?

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  1. Anna Nicole Smith and her son were murdered by her boyfriend. Here was his plan:

    Anna inherits like 80 million bucks from her dead husband.

    Anna’s only son and heir dies in overdose.

    Dude impregnates Anna. Anna has baby.

    Anna dies in overdose.

    Baby inherits 80 million bucks.

    Dude has custody of baby. Profit.

    The plan went perfectly except for two things. Anna never got the money. And Anna was banging several guys at the same time and it turned out that Dude wasn’t the father. Oh well.

  2. In the 80s Giuliani conspired with the Russia mob to take down the 5 Italian mob families of NYC. Giuliani got to be the hero, Russian mafia got to run their racket in NYC. Got in touch with Trump… Yada, Yada, Yada.

  3. Netflix marketing team releases memes about shows to give off the appearance that everyone is watching said show. Since people have FOMO they watch the shows to understand the memes until everyone eventually does watch it.

  4. The Soviets sent men into space before Yuri Gagarin. He was just the first cosmonaut to return alive.

    Also the Soviets were working on a lunar mission. When the US beat them to it, the Soviet response was denying they were trying to do it and use it as proof of misplaced American priorities.

  5. 9/11. Concrete does not turn to dust on the way down, plus cars don’t get melted blocks away from falling concrete, they get crushed. Furthermore building 7 was the digital back up for all trades on the market and fire proof because it was the police command center incase shit goes down. Let’s not forget that many 1st time in history events happened on the same day. When is it mathematically impossible to be a coincidence?

  6. That far too many officials in the U.S Government have been colluding with one another to gain greater control over the populace over the most recent decades. Too much shit is covered up or not covered by the media that should be a legitimate concern such as the number of food processing plants being burned down or the fact that no one has ever been arrested in relation to Epstein Island

  7. I do not believe the Titanic sank as depicted. I think the White Star Line dressed up her sister ship the Olympic, which was too damaged to sell, as the Titanic, and sank it on purpose as an insurance scam. Ending the lives of some 1,500 people for over a hundred million pounds.

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