What could happen in the next 10 months that will be talked about for the next 100 years?

What could happen in the next 10 months that will be talked about for the next 100 years?

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  1. * A prosecution and conviction of an American ex-President for Seditious Conspiracy.
    * A Republican-led effort to call an Article V Constitutional Convention to overhaul our government “legally”.
    * World War III
    * American Civil War II

  2. In [October](https://www.jurist.org/news/2022/06/us-supreme-court-adds-controversial-election-case-to-october-2022-docket/), scotus will rule that state legislatures are in supreme command of how elections are decided, regardless of votes, or even state constitutions. If they pass a law saying so, they can outright choose who ‘won’ any election in the state, full stop.

    This means any legislative majority can decide to remain in power permanently if they so choose.

    Democracy may literally die in the US in a few months if we don’t act, and laws won’t help. We need a constitutional amendment/convention, and fast.

  3. China’s economy is likely to collapse.

    Their banking system is a house of cards that makes western countries’ systems look extremely stable by comparison, and people are starting to refuse to pay mortgages *en masse*, which could easily lead to the bankruptcy of hundreds of Chinese banks which are massively over-leveraged, even by American fractional reserve standards.

    Meanwhile, they’ve hamstrung their manufacturing industry for many months with their zero tolerance lockdown policies, and have been exhibiting an aggressive posture with their trading partners, particularly the US, who are unlikely to be interested in helping their economy stabilize or recover when it winds up in freefall.

    TL;DR – it’s like it’s early 2008 in China right now in terms of their real estate market, except significantly worse because of how their banking system operates.

  4. Trump being prosecuted, or not being prosecuted. I honestly think that American democracy hangs in the balance. We were one heartbeat away (Mike Pence) from a full-blown constitutional clusterfuck on January 6th. If Pence had claimed the power to reject the electoral count that day, who knows what would have happened.

    If there is one thing Trump understood and demonstrated to the world throughout his presidency, it is that there may be a chasm of difference between what is legal, and what one can get away with if laws are not enforced.

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