What did someone do to make you hate them instantly?

What did someone do to make you hate them instantly?

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  1. Total scum molested my sister, went to court, I went to court to give testimony for her, church he was involved with made a large offer to my sister and she turned it down. She followed through with the trial (it was NEVER about the money for her, it was justice) dude is rotting in hell right now, they lost the case, sister was awarded double what the church offered, but it does not matter, she still cries about it. It effected her entire life. She did not want the money, she wanted the satisfaction of the church admitting that they are scum and were attempting to cover it up, for decades!! Moved this POS from church to church. Mom doesn’t understand why we are not religious. I would spit on his grave if I knew where it is.

  2. Called the cops on me over some trivial shit. No one was being attacked. No violence was being threatened. They just thought that calling the cops was a solution when they couldn’t get their way.

    Pro tip for all people out there, you call the cops on me, and I don’t care how close you thought we were. I no longer know you. It’s not a grudge. It’s a matter of trust.

  3. A coworker who asked me my zodiac sign and when I told them they got actually upset they weren’t the only Capricorn at work anymore. She was 32 years old too!

  4. social engineered my step brother for a key to my house while my dad was in the hospital icu with a stroke so they could steal his ww2 keepsakes and memorabilia, which were bequeathed to me.

  5. I’m working as a DJ and I’ve had the dance floor working solidly for an hour. This Russian dude walks up to my booth and says, “So when are you goink to play some dance music?”

  6. If I hear someone say, “Excuse me? EXCUSE ME?” with that slight whine. Karenesque because you KNOW what’s coming.

    Whenever it’s at a restaurant, I look at the person, and mentally tell them I hate them.

  7. My half brother just being a asshole, he always tells at my innocent father for not reading his mind and guessing he wanted to borrow money ect. However once I was trying to sleep and I heard him trying to sleep when my cat was being annoying because he wanted to go outside (probably to piss) then I just heard my half bro yell and a wack. Found put he slapped my car hard (he hits hard he destroyed a whole ass keyboard with his own hands) my cat didn’t show up much that day but he was fine and is still fine now. Half brother is also a transphobe to trans people under 18 years old

  8. Fucked my wife.

    Funny side note: took me a while longer to hate her.

    Not so funny side note: took me a little while longer to learn forgiveness and not hate either of them.

    Serious note: neither is my friend nor would I ever trust either of them.

  9. New guy at the restaurant goes “You know, that [female bartender] is a real fine piece of ass.”
    Great, thanks for letting me know so quickly that we’re not gonna be friends.

  10. Stupidity. I really hate it. I’m from Russia, and so many people are stupid. The don’t know how to listen; They can’t understand nothing if u try to explain. Omg i hate it. such people are either under 13 or between 26 and 50. Idk why are so many non intellectual people in these ages

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