What did the “weird kid” at your school do to get that reputation?

What did the “weird kid” at your school do to get that reputation?

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  1. Unfortunately the “weird kid” at my school had mental problems. Back in those days, kids like that were bullied and teased to the point of tears. Years later, I found out that he committed suicide in his young 30’s. I felt bad that I was one of those who teased him. So if you can’t be nice to the weird kids, then at least leave them alone.

  2. One kid brought his basketball to class…. The weird kid wanted it so he took it. The entire class watched in awe as they chased each other around the room for a solid 7-10 minutes screaming their heads off. My teacher was absolutely done and checked out he just sat at his desk waiting with a face that said “ I might just grab my shit and go home… I really might.”

  3. I went to boarding school, there where a lot of weird kids over the years. One tried to kill his roommate with razor blades, another guy had a wack shack and would drink mouthwash along with a sheet of cold meds to jerk all night

  4. well he would come to school dressed like a mobster, white suit, shirt shoes, when talking he would bring up stuff he does with his girlfriend, he didnt get bullied ppl just felt unconfortable around him because he clearly didnt have good convo skills, problem is, he was a real douche and wanted to get a bad boy reputation so he got up from his chair and left, the door lady was like “K..” teacher said “did (guys name) just leave? ah nevermind” nobody gave a literal f about it, his plan backfired, it just made him look weirder

  5. He lied about everything, even things were obviously lies and he would always insist they were true. For example, he said he was a commercial airline pilot, at age 16. In reality he worked at a gas station, which is a fine job for a teenager. At least he had a job which was better than many, if not most kids that age, but he always tried to make himself sound more exciting than he really was, but it just wound made him seem..well, weird. Another time he said he was a passenger on a plane when something happened to the pilot that rendered him unable to fly the plane, so he(the kid) had to take the controls and safely land it.

  6. He wore a kilt. Wasn’t Scottish or Irish, just did it in an attempt to provoke a response from the school. The dress code didn’t prohibit the kilt so nobody initially cared. It became an issue when the smell started bothering people. His parents only bought him one and he went weeks without washing it. The smell of sweat and BO was so bad he was sent home and told to come back in clean clothes. After that, he was ostracized, while not directly bullied, because he now had a reputation as someone who tried to provoke confrontations with the school or other students.

  7. I went to a school right on the edge of the suburbs/country, there was a kid who would really do anything to get attention, whether it was hitting on teachers, or pulling off childish pranks. One day he ended up driving a tractor (???) to school and parking it diagonal through about 10 parkings spaces. The police had to get involved and he was temporarily suspended.

  8. Whenever she would complete an assignment she’d shit her pants. Teachers were understandably conflicted. Her doing good school work translated to her shitting herself. The only solution was to let her drop out.

  9. Threatened some other seniors that were making fun of him to meet him in the parking lot of the supermarket across the street, where he said he’d be waiting with the knife he had in his bag.

  10. We had 2 weird kids in school. One was eating spaghetti at lunch one day and there was a giant hair in it, we told him he was eating the lunch ladies hair and he just kept going to town on the food. He also used to try and rub himself on objects and people.

    There was also a kid in elementary school who was constantly sick and barely went to school. He was really antisocial it was like he didn’t learn how to be around other kids because he was constantly in and out of the hospital. He left one day and never came back and we all thought he died until years later when he showed up to high school. Turns out he had missed so much school that his parents took him out and home schooled him. He was still really weird and off putting but at least he was alive. Everyone was always really overly nice to him so that may be why he seemed so socially awkward.

    I also knew a girl who rubbed poop all over herself and would have her dog lick it off. She also enjoyed eating it. I met her in a partial hospitalization program though so most people were weird there. It was a mix of teens who refused to go to school and kids with severe psychiatric disorders.

  11. He knew a lot about Russia and WW1/2 to the point it is kinda creepy maybe obsessive I will admit. I tried to make friends with him but he was making creepy advances towards me in a sexual way ig that’s what my friends said anyway I can be very oblivious and when I did notice I friend zoned him and when he didn’t get it I ended the friendship kinda glad I just notice his creepy tendencies

  12. At first he was your typical star wars dweeb who made lightsaber noises on the playground but as time went on he started being confrontational to look cool.

    Then after getting the shit kicked out of him by the mexican kids he suddenly became gay, then trans. And I haven’t seen him since graduation.

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