What did you do as a kid, that makes you cringe when you remember it?

What did you do as a kid, that makes you cringe when you remember it?

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  1. I had 2 separate occasions where I learned that checking your sources is a good idea:

    The first was when I was browsing online and saw one of those articles that said “vaccines cause autism” and tried to show my parents. My mom, being a psychologist, shut that down IMMEDIATELY. And I thank her for it

    And then the second time was yet again more browsing on the family iPad unsupervised, and I found some snake oil cure for cancer (eating some fruit pits or apple seeds or something? Idk) and decided to show my parents that one, too. Same result, still very embarrassing but I learnt my lesson.

  2. My folks had a hot tub, and when my friends and I were over, we’d sit in it. Then, one of us would stand up really fast against a nearby wall, hold our breath, and someone would push on our chests lightly until we passed out. We called it “wall hitting”. I’m surprised we’re still alive.

  3. Not sure if it’s considered “as a kid” since I was in college, but I read an article about this tribe that used a system of ropes and pulleys to make a rudimentary computer centuries before we had computers. It was so interesting that I went to everyone I knew and told them about it.

    It was only later that I realized that it was an April Fool’s article. IIRC, the tribe’s name was supposed to be a dead giveaway, something like Aprulful, but I completely missed the (in hindsight) obvious clues. In my defense, the article was very in depth and mapped out how stuff like AND gates and OR gates would work.

    I still cringe at past me excitedly telling EVERYONE about this highly advanced rope and pulley computer.

  4. as a kid i used to think something was wrong with me and i would cry and hit/scratch the bottom of my feet to get the weird feeling out of them. idk wtf i was on but yeah glad that’s over.

  5. In middle school, I had a humanities class where we were asked to make a medieval weapon blueprint and prototype, it was a creative project but I definitely ran too much with it as a 12 year old.

    Most people made functional canons or actual practical weapons of some kind. I remember I made this “multi-purpose tool” that was bow and arrows, it had a stuffed bear attached to it for “sleeping purposes” on nights where such things would be inaccessible, it was really supposed to be a small pillow. I remember it also had a food canister attached to it. Overall, this was a very obviously inefficient weapon but at the time I didn’t know it would be as impractical as it was. We did our presentation on it and no one took it seriously.

    However, I remember my teacher told me he loved it. He kept the prototype in his office the rest of that year. He might even have it now, who knows. But I don’t know why when I think about it it makes me cringe, at least I know my teacher at the time liked it lol. Now I’m in college with an interest in game design, which highly relies on knowing weaponry in concept, go figure.

  6. I went through a Libertarian phase in my teens. This was when I was deeply in the closet and trying hard to be straight and get boys to like me. This resulted in me being what is sometimes called today a “pick me”. I noticed that lots of guys were Libertarians, so I decided to have that in common with them. Picture a tiny girl wearing a “taxation is theft” shirt and listening to certain talk radio hosts. This also got me zero dates. I honestly think every person in town knew I was a lesbian long before I did. Everyone who knew me back then agrees this was a pretty obvious attempt at emulating straight people behavior by someone who was 0% inclined toward it. LOL

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